These 9 One-Word Tattoos Are All You Need To Make A Statement

Tattoos come in very different shapes, sizes, and colors. When you decide to get a tattoo, you're really choosing artwork that represents who you are. Some people go for big pieces that are flashy for everyone to see, but most people choose to go for something simple that is more personal and represents who they are as a person. Honestly, a tattoo is a nice way to show off something inside of you, by printing it on the outside. That's why I love one-word tattoos. They are the most simplistic tats to get, but they have so much meaning behind them. It's not just about the word and its definition, but about what that word specifically means to you.

Choosing a word to ink on yourself is like branding yourself with that one personal statement. It's like picking a favorite color or animal, and you're not just willy nilly picking a random one. The words you choose can be very literal, or they can be metaphorical. That's what's so great about these one-word tats; they can take on so many different meanings. So when you're deciding on your next tat, picking a one-word statement is the easy choice. The tough decision is picking the word you want for yourself. Don't worry; we've made it easy with these nine one-word tattoo suggestions that are absolutely gorgeous.

When The Wanderlust Is Calling, You Need To Keep It In Sight
margot_hc on Twitter

I have personally been bitten by that travel bug called wanderlust. I now have a million places to go see on my bucket list. I just need that little extra kick of encouragement to get out there.

That's why this "wanderlust" tattoo is so perfect for the girl who wants to travel. Now, every time you look down, it will remind you of all the places you need to see and get you going.

It's Not Serendipitous That This Tat Was Made For You
mochi_chimmy on Twitter

The serendipitous moments in life are seriously some of the best. You weren't expecting them at all, but they sneak up on you like a major surprise party. Who doesn't love that? For someone who loves a happy accident when it comes along, this tat is basically calling for them to appear.

Can You Believe How Beautiful This Tat Is?
robyngioe on Twitter

"Believe" is one of my favorite words because it reminds me of my childhood and how much I believed in things. I need that reminder as an adult to keep on believing that I can be whoever I want to be, that miracles can happen, and mermaids do exist. They do, you just have to believe.

Show Off Your Strength With This One
emiiybetts on Twitter

I love this tattoo for its inspiring message that we are warriors, and we are strong. I've even seen this simple word tattoo with a semi colon as the 'i,' because semi colons represent enduring. As a warrior, you are strong enough to continue on when life gets tough.

We're Feeling Inspired With This Tattoo
jiwonspit on Twitter

I get it; sometimes we just need a little inspiration. We can all get stuck in a rut, which is why this tattoo will help you stay inspired. Even if it doesn't drum up something immediately, it will have you looking around for anything to get those creative juices flowing.

This Tattoo Is Looking Super Fly On Your Wrist
larissabrookeee on Twitter

I know when I was a kid, I thought I could fly if I was just thinking happy thoughts. I blame Peter Pan for that one. With a "fly" tattoo on your wrist, you'll be able to remember your happy thoughts whenever you need them.

Even After All This Time, We Always Love A Good "Harry Potter" Tattoo
rockinsuburbia on Twitter

For all you Harry Potter fans, you totally understand what the word "always" means. Even just the simple word is a cute idea for a tattoo, but when you add the Deathly Hallows symbol as the "A," it takes on a whole new meaning. Oh Snape, I'm not crying, you're crying.

This Finger Is Showing Off Its Spirit
zenbodyart on Twitter

Your finger is a great place to put a one-word tattoo. A single word is small enough to fit, and your finger is totally a secret place just for you. If I were choosing a place, I would probably go with the finger because I can always see it, but it's not too flashy.

This "spirited" tat is great for someone who shows a lot of enthusiasm, and probably was the most energetic one on school spirit day.

We're Hoping You Always Love This "Hope" Tattoo
tavernwenchsami on Twitter

If it's good enough for Obama, it's good enough for me. Hope is the one thing that will keep you going when you're having a bad day, because you have the hope that good days are to come. Keep this optimism with you wherever you go with a "hope" tattoo on your arm.