These 10 Dreamy Travel Quotes Are Perfect Tattoos For The Girl With Wanderlust

by Ciara Johnson

Travelers are curious, wild, and free. They're always in pursuit of the next big adventure and they never fail to share the value of discovering the unknown. However, sometimes life gets the best of us. Sometimes, our greatest passions get pushed to the back burner because of jobs, fear, societal expectations, or life itself. That's why a tattoo may be the perfect reminder for those who have an incurable case of wanderlust. If you're dying to get a new tat with meaning that embraces your love for travel, some of the best travel quotes that might just inspire you.

Not everyone is a fan of getting a tattoo, and that's totally OK. However, those of us who really love a bit of ink are always plotting our next piece. With summer coming up, it's the perfect opportunity to rock our fresh ink in swimsuits and sundresses. It's even better if we can compare our travel tattoos with other travelers who we'll inevitably meet on the road. Whether you're looking for a purposeful tattoo that reflects those amazing times spent traveling, or a tattoo that reminds you of the life lessons you've learned out in the world, you may want to keep reading.

For The Wanderer
tim_fargo on Twitter

This classic travel quote is a reminder that there's nothing wrong with embarking on a journey. It's also a reminder that there's nothing wrong with being a little lost at times. In fact, life is all about the journey and the learning that comes along with it.

For The Adventurer Who Needs A Push
meetmeonboard on Twitter

What are you waiting for? Haven't you heard about and talked about that place you've been wanting to visit all of your life? This quote is a much-needed reminder that nothing beats going to see a place for yourself!

For The One Who Embraces All That Life Has To Offer
_travelbible on Twitter

Don't forget to live a life you love. It can be so easy to get caught up in the routine of life, but this quote will help you make sure you're always living instead of simply existing.

For The Dreamer
thewordrobe_ on Twitter

It can be so easy to let your fears hold you back from doing what you dream and going where you want to go in this big world. This quote reminds you to be fearless about those passions in both life and travel.

For The Brave
ihpluk on Twitter

Have you been stalling on booking that flight or applying for that dream job? Or speaking to that crush you've had for the past few months? This quote is a reminder that it only takes a step to begin the journey.

For The Traveler Who Turns Their Dreams Into Reality
_travelbible on Twitter

At times, dreams can feel far-fetched and unreachable. That's why we all need a subtle reminder to set a plan and put it in action. Once your dreams become reality, there's no stopping you.

For The New Chapter
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Sometimes you just need a fresh new start. After a difficult time, it's easy to feel defeated. With the newness that travel inevitably brings, it's a reminder that experiencing the fullness of life can potentially restore you.

For The Intrepid
luxoindia on Twitter

Sometimes, you need a little urge to have fun with life and be a bit more on the spontaneous side. If you need an extra push to try new things, this quote will do just that.

For The Lover
theairhelper on Twitter

The real joy comes from connecting with other people, in life and travel. When you're rushed and anxious about getting to the destination, you miss out on the best parts of the journey.

For The Spontaneous

It can be easy to get caught up in spending money on material things, but we all know they only make us feel good for a little while. Not to mention, you can't take them with you when you pass from this world. This quote will always push you to invest in moments instead of stuff.

For The Curious
synahotels on Twitter

This is a simple reminder that there is beauty all around, both at home and abroad. When you get caught up in routine, it's easy to miss what's happening right in front of you. You can discover a world of charm if you just take a moment to pay attention.

Tattoos aren't for everyone, but any of these travel quotes would serve as the perfect message for the adventurous soul.