9 Memorial Day Weekend Sex Moves You Need To Try

by Ginny Hogan

Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays because it signals the start of my favorite season: the countdown to Halloween. Just kidding! It's summer, the season to end (or at least melt) all seasons. The beach is truly my favorite place to swim, and I say that mostly because I don't have a pool or gym membership, but you get the idea. I'm always so excited for Memorial Day weekend, and if I have a sexual partner at the time, I've been known to get a bit friskier than usual. Fortunately, there are several Memorial Day weekend sex moves you and your partner can ~perform~ to keep things hot.

You don't need to get intimate with anyone this Memorial Day weekend — it's totally fine to celebrate the holiday however you like, or to not celebrate. But if you do want the adventure, then the start of summer could be the time to try. You might feel a little bit of extra lubrication from the sweat, and that can really keep things hot and heavy. Whether you're on vacation or not, if you're looking to spice up your sex life, Memorial Day weekend can be the perfect time to start.

Read on to find nine sex moves you need to try this Memorial Day weekend.

Reverse Cowgirl

You may have tried the cowgirl or the reverse cowgirl before, but Memorial Day weekend is another opportunity to give it a go. The penetrating partner lies on their back, and the partner on top faces away from them. Then, you swing an imaginary lasso in the air and wonder if cowgirls faced gender discrimination in the face of cowboys (probably). It's a blast!

The Cat

The Cat is a fun twist on the classic missionary position. The penetrating partner sits at a higher angle than in classic missionary, and it allows for more clitoral stimulation (if the partner on the bottom has a clitoris). Memorial Day weekend is a celebration, so this will get your happy juices flowing.

The Ottoman Empire

Memorial Day weekend can be a great time to think about history, and while you're at it, engage in some ~historical~ sex moves. The Ottoman Empire is when the penetrating partner lies on their back while the other partner goes up and down on top of them. It's easiest if the partner on top has both feet on the floor. Get bouncing!

The Twist & Shout

Remember: You're celebrating, so why not get a little dance going? The Twist & Shout is when the penetrating partner lies on their back, and the other sits on top and moves up and down, as well as side to side. Seriously, it sounds like those lyrics, right?


You might be far away from your partner (or whoever you're having sex with) this weekend. If you're traveling, you can still turn up the heat by sending bae some dirty texts. If you're comfortable with nudes, send those, or maybe just a cute pic in a swimsuit — something to get your partner revved up, even if they're not with you.


Memorial Day weekend can be a time for classics. Holidays bring us back to our roots, so maybe try an old favorite. There's no reason you can't get just as turned on in missionary as you do in any other position!


I always like to eat delicious food over Memorial Day weekends (seriously, the peaches are never better). But that's not all you can eat. If you're into it, try rimming, where you anally stimulate your partner with your mouth, or vice versa. And after, lemonade!

Doggy Style

Honestly, I love doggy style. It feels like the perfect move to figure out each other's bodies, and when I'm in my summer adventure mode, I like to try it with new partners. The penetrating partner enters from behind while the person in front is on their knees or lying down. It's a fun one for this Memorial Day weekend!

The Fireworks

Something patriotic, because it's Memorial Day! To execute this one, put scotch tape over your lamp to make it a UV/Blacklight (you may need several pieces). Turn off all the lights, and then, as your partner is about to reach orgasm, turn on the UV Blacklight — DIY fireworks! Surprise!

Memorial Day weekend is about so much more than drinks on a boat (although, that's never a bad idea, not just for Memorial Day but for life). If you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom this Memorial Day, look no further. Try any of these thrilling sex moves to kick your summer off right!