9 Matching Christmas Pajama Sets That You & "Your Person" Can Snuggle Up In All Winter

by Julia Guerra

Call me corny or call me basic, but I absolutely love being all matchy-matchy with my loved ones. Not only does it take Instagram opportunities to the next level, but I think color-coordinating with your BFF or your SO is super cute, because it sends the message out that that’s your person, and you share the wardrobe to prove it. Holiday season is ideal for this sort of thing, which is why you should totally consider gifting you and your ride or die matching Christmas pajama sets for adults. After all, you're never too old to don a onesie, amirite?

Holidays are for bringing loved ones together, and what better way to spend the season than snuggled up on the couch in an obnoxiously festive pajama set to match your best friend, little sister, SO, or even your favorite fur baby?!

OK, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here. But seriously, the truth is, holiday-themed pajama sets have really upped their fashion game. Brands are acknowledging that we love everything festive, but at the same time, we still like to be fashionable, too. With subtle patterns and tasteful adult onesies that spread Christmas cheer, there are a ton of options to choose from that you and your person can snuggle up in this holiday season — and long after the fact, because these PJs are just that comfy.

Green Plaid PJs

Women's Pajama Union Suit Green Plaid - Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, $20, Target

Christmastime is saturated with everything red, white, gold, and silver, and I feel like green is the forgotten hue of the holiday.

This pajama set sports not one, but a few shades of green in a plaid pattern that screams cozy wintertime attire. This year, be original with your BFF and push red to the side for an earthier shade that's equally as celebratory as Santa-suit red.

Pretty Penguins
Adore Me

Peena Sleepwear Set, $20, Adore Me

Adore Me nailed it this year with their 2017 holiday collection, and among their sets, this pairing of shorts with a cute button-down top sprinkled with penguins takes the cake.

Not only would this Christmas pajama set be an adorable pic for bestie photo opps in front of the fire, this set also comes in his size too, so you can even rock penguin pajama bottoms with babe!

A Silky Pair Of PJs

Intimo Roseberry Satin Pajama Set, $25, Zulily

I don't know about you, but when I look at these red satin PJs from Zulily, the first thing I think of is Tim Allen impersonating Santa in The Santa Clause.

A pair of silky-to-the-touch threads will have you and your partner in crime Netflix-and-chilling in total luxury. It's the perfect ensemble for a movie night, especially if you're snowed in with nowhere to go but the couch.

A Lit Onesie
Tipsy Elves

Women's String of Christmas Lights Jumpsuit, $59, Tipsy Elves

Pinterest is flooded with cutesy photo op ideas all year round, but especially around the holiday season when props like Christmas trees and strings of lights come into play.

Rather than wrapping actual bulbs around your waist to capture an obviously staged Kodak moment, this adult onesie from Tipsy Elves gets the job done, is incredibly comfortable, and nowhere near as complicated to maneuver for the perfect picture.

A Onesie That's Merry And Super Bright

Women's French Terry Union Suit - Geo Deer, $30, Target

Another onesie, because you can never have too many. If these bright turquoise holiday pajamas are as colorful as your partner's personality, it just might be the perfect Christmas gift to keep them warm all winter long.

Throw on some snow boots and snap a few silly photos out in the snow, as the pattern is sure to look incredible against a winter wonderland backdrop.

A Comfy Shirt Dress
Forever 21

Oh Deer Nightdress, $16, Forever 21

If you and your BFF aren't into onesies or, you know, pants, go bottomless with this pullover nightdress from Forever 21.

Especially if you and your ride-or-die are partial to getting yourselves in trouble, this play on words will be symbolic to your friendship and holiday-appropriate.

Go For Grande's Look

Ariana Grande Sweater - Happy Elfin', $34, Teespring

Unfortunately, the original oversized sweater Ariana Grande wore in her "Santa Tell Me" music video is no longer available (and, if I remember correctly, was wildly overpriced anyway).

Luckily for us, this version of the cozy crewneck is almost identical, and it's the perfect sweater to rock with your squad over winter break.

Thermals For You And Your Little Dog, Too

Red Thermal Matching Human PJs, $25, Fabdog

Fabdog's pet-mommy-and-me matching PJs are only available for pre-order at the moment, but you'll receive them just in time for the frigid cold weather, when it's prime cuddling time for you and your fur baby.

Thermals are just wonderful for warmth in general, but the fact that you can buy a pair to fit you and your favorite pooch makes the purchase even more worth it. Plus, this is definitely a pajama pant you can wear outside your apartment or dorm (say, on a stroll through the park, or to pick up some essentials at the pet store).

Anything Fair Isle
Burt's Bees

Women's Organic Fair Isle Pajama Set, $25, Burt's Bees Baby

Fair Isle has become the fashionista-approved symbol of the holiday season, and you and your best friend will look traditionally chic in this black and white pair from Burt's Bees.

I love the pattern because it's busy, but subtly so, and looks good on women and men. It's also super common, so it shouldn't be hard to find a matching set for your man — or man's best friend, if you'd prefer.