7 Matching Holiday PJs With Bae For When The Snuggle Is Real

I think we can all agree that pajamas are one of the most comfortable things in the whole world. What makes them even better? Lounging in your sweats with bae during the holiday season, where you can cuddle up by the fire and set adorable #RelationshipGoals on the 'Gram. Rocking matching Christmas pajamas for couples could never be basic, and we're here for them.

Plaid or printed, your matching pajamas are about to be the most adorable thing ever, and they'll make your candid photos especially lit. Why are the holidays so much more enjoyable when you can roll out of bed, brush your teeth (please), and head right into the festivities? It can be difficult to distinguish dreams from reality at that that point, because you'll be wearing the same wardrobe you were before you boarded the snooze train. And let's face it, the holidays are about as magical as our dreams can be.

Can we also give kudos to bae for looking unfairly handsome in pajamas? It's like they were meant to wear pajamas since they left the womb. They make pajamas look like a ginormous investment in a freshly-tailored suit. In other words, you won't even notice the decorative candy canes spread around the house, because you'll have your eye candy right by your side. Believe it or not, there are plenty of couple's pajamas for you and bae to sleigh together this season.

Cozy Flannel Footie PJs

Big Feet PJs Red & Black Plaid Cotton Flannel Adult Footie Footed Pajamas, $39.98, Amazon

Flannel print has never done us wrong, and it screams holiday cheer. The design in these footie PJs is super laid-back and calls for a delicious stack of pancakes, along with a nice cup of coffee. Sit by the fire in your footies, and warm up right next to bae.

Minnie Mouse And Mickey Mouse

Disney Minnie Mouse Long Sleeve One Piece Pajama, $47, JCPenney

Just like Disney, the holidays are magical. This is why it's really no surprise that Mickey and Minnie make it into the mix. It's time to embrace your childhood nostalgia this year. You and your bae (dressed in his coordinating Mickey Mouse onesie) are about to bring down the house with these outfits. If you're a pro in the kitchen, Mickey and Minnie pancakes are a must.

Santa Lover Onesies

I Love Santa Christmas Onesies Set, $66+, Etsy

Onesies are so comfortable, it's a blessing that they still make them for adults. They almost don't even feel like pajamas. So, no matter how naughty or nice the two of you were this year (wink, wink), you two can *sleigh* your "I love Santa" onesies together.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Onesies

Ugly Christmas Sweater Fleece Drop Seat Footed Pajamas, $44.95, PajamaCity

Who said ugly Christmas sweaters had to be a one time thing? The fact that ugly Christmas sweaters have been incorporated in pajamas is almost unbelievable. And honestly, can you even consider this an ugly Christmas sweater once your boo puts it on? Doubtful.

"Team Santa" Jammies

Women's Jammies For Your Families "Team Santa" Top & Fleece Bottoms Pajama Set, $23.99, Kohl's

OK, maybe you're sucking up to Santa a tad, but this PJ set is too comfy and cute to pass up. The red and green color scheme is super festive, and so are the mini snowflakes in the design. Santa would be so proud, he just might have to put you at the top of the Nice List.


Men's Jammies For Your Families "Team Santa" Santa Top & Fleece Bottoms Pajama Set, $23.99, Kohl's

This is a prime example of how extraordinarily handsome men are in pajamas. Seriously, where is the runway? If you intend on putting your beau in this two piece set, it may not stay on for long, ladies.

You Can't Forget About The Reindeer

Christmas Lovers Flannel Home Clothing Couples Matching Pajamas Reindeer Set, $18.49, Ebay

Is it even Christmas time if you don't have some sort of reindeer attire? Get more than comfortable in those fuzzy, cuffed bottoms. The blue and the brown aren't your typically festive match, but in the name of the reindeer theme, they pair so well together.

Elf, Elf Baby

Women's Plus Size Elf Family Pajama Set — Wondershop, $22, Target

Elves are cute, cuddly, and their color scheme is always on point. Being an elf is the ultimate way to really get into the Christmas spirit. Those sweet peppermint buttons are hard to turn your back on, anyway.


Men's Big & Tall Elf 2pc Pajama Set — Wondershop, $28, Target

What's better than one elf? Two, of course. You've just reached a different kind of cuddling and bonding with bae if you happen to be snuggled up in these outfits. Help yourselves to the overflow of cuteness the two of you will be rocking in these holiday PJs.

No matter what you're wearing, any holiday spent with the people you care about most makes for a jolly, grand time. We might be in our cozy clothes, but these memories will always be suit and tie, fabulous.