What Your Go-To Pajamas Say About The Kind Of Guy You'll Marry

by Candice Jalili

Is there anything more intimate than what you choose to wear to bed?

I mean, it's the one outfit you decide to put on when absolutely no one else is looking. The one thing you dress yourself in for no reason other than the fact that it's what you're most comfortable in.

I think what you choose to wear to bed says a lot about who you are.

Moreover, I think who you are says a lot about the type of person you'll marry.

So let me connect the dots for you. Here's the type of person you'll marry based on what you decide to wear to bed.

Birthday Suit

Alexey Kuzma

You and your husband are all about the free love.

Yes, you're each other's primary partners but, much like you, he's a free spirit with way too much love to be spent on just one person.

You'll have an open marriage filled with passionate love and tons of adventure.

Button-Down Shirt


Your husband, much like yourself, is filled with ambition. That's what drew you to him in the first place, and that's what will keep you drawn to him years down the line.

While most women shy away from a strong and sometimes intimidating personality like his, you're not phased by it at all.

You tell him exactly like it is, and that's what he loves most about you. When he one day becomes president, he'll have you to thank.

Footie Pajamas


You and your husband are just a couple of goofs.

You'll be the family with a bunch of loud kids making fart noises at the dinner table, and you won't even care because you'll find their jokes just as hilarious as they do.

And don't even get me started on the ROFL-worthy Christmas cards you release every year.

Flannel Set


You're going to marry a guy with traditional family values to match your own.

He's the kind of guy you can really depend on through thick and thin. The dad who threatens his daughter's boyfriends with a baseball bat and teaches his sons what it means to be a "man," while you make delicious pies and craft Pinterest-worthy scrapbooks of last summer at the lake house.

Sexy Night Gown


After years and years of financial success and wild romantic rendezvous, you will eventually decide to suck it up and settle down with a hot, young trophy husband.

You'll be wildly successful doing something cool and creative, and he'll be the arm candy you take out when you're hanging with your glamorous socialite friends.

Old T-Shirt

Milles Studio

You're going to marry your best friend. And the two of you will have one of those almost nauseatingly heartwarming marriages your kids and grandkids will use as their model for "real love" for the rest of their lives.

He's going to be the one person who knows you better than anyone else on the planet, and the one person who never fails to make you laugh.

And every time the two of you are alone together, you'll fall in love all over again.

Silk Set


Your husband is going to come from generations and generations of family money.

Simply put, he's a trust fund baby.

But he doesn't quite have the ambitious workaholic nature his father and grandfathers had. No, he'd rather use his infinite trust fund to make the most of his time here on Earth, and he wants you to come along for the ride.

Classic Cotton Pajamas


You were the Prom Queen and he was the Homecoming King in high school, and the two of you are just as normal and cool as you were back in your heyday.

With you as head of the PTA and him as head coach of your son's little league team, the two of you are quintessential parents. He takes you out for date nights every Thursday and you, in turn, take the kids out when he has poker night with his buddies at your place.

When the two of you show up to school functions together, everybody whispers about how you have the best marriage and how they wish they could be you. You both barely even notice though because, well, you're used to it.


Urban Muumuu

You're going to marry a rugged mountain man who loves nature almost as much as he loves you.

You'll spend the beginning of your romance going on hikes and swimming in waterfalls across the globe and eventually decide to settle down in a little cabin somewhere in the woods where you'll homeschool your children from the comfort of your own home.