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9 Last-Minute Ways To Celebrate National Friendship Day With Your Ride Or Dies


Attention all bestie squads out there: According to the National Day Calendar, the first Sunday in August marks National Friendship Day. If you completely missed adding this to your calendar, don't fret. There's still time to put together a fun plan for you and your BFFs to celebrate the occasion. You were probably already planning on spending the weekend with your crew, but no plans were solidified quite yet. Instead of hanging out at your typical spots, consider some last-minute ways to celebrate National Friendship Day in style.

I feel like I don't know about all of these national days until people start posting on Instagram or the hashtag starts trending. You would hate to completely miss the day altogether, but you might not have time to rally the whole squad for a weekend getaway. Instead of your typical Sunday brunch, you could spice things up. Send out an invite in your group chat for one of these last-minute plans that you know everyone will be about.

When Sunday rolls around, you won't need to scroll through your phone for a throwback group selfie to post on the 'Gram, because you'll be out having fun with your favorite people. You can post a brand new snap with a caption like, "Friends till the end" with #NationalFriendshipDay.

Discover A New Brunch Spot To Switch Things Up

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You likely have your typical brunch spots you go to every weekend, in addition to your favorite menu items. But this weekend is the perfect time to try something new.

Scroll through Yelp or your Instagram feed and find a new restaurant that speaks to your foodie soul. It could even be a place that has a boozy brunch with a mimosa flight (if everyone in the group is 21 or older), or a cute spot with a terrace that's perfect for pics.

Head To A Flea Or Farmers' Market

On weekends throughout the summer, there's usually a cool flea or farmers' market going on. If you're based in NYC, you could hit up Smorgasburg in Prospect Park to celebrate National Friendship Day and try some tasty new dishes. I also love the Melrose Trading Post in L.A. that happens every Sunday. (My friend and I bought matching jean jackets the last time we went together.)

Have A Picnic In The Park, Complete With Fun And Games

A simple last-minute thing to do could be heading to the park for an afternoon picnic. Stop by a corner bodega on the way and grab every snack your heart desires. Then spend the day soaking up the sun, eating, and playing games.

Lounge Poolside And Take Pics That'll Make A Splash On The 'Gram

It's still summertime, so if it's super hot out, a pool day sounds like a relaxing idea. If someone in your friend group has a pool, it's as easy as showing up in your swimsuit, but if no one in has access to a pool, you can always find hotels that have day passes. I highly recommend a rooftop pool day. Just don't forget your favorite pair of sunnies to snap all the selfies.

Take A Quick Day Road Trip Someplace New
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Road trips are great for spontaneous adventures. All you need is a general idea of where you're going. The rest is in the journey. Get some snacks, a playlist of your fave songs, and drive someplace new just for the day. You could go to the beach or shopping at boutiques in a nearby town.

Host A Movie Night In With Your Fave Rom-Coms

I don't know about you, but I'm always down for a movie night at home. It doesn't take a lot of planning, and can be the most fun. Order a pizza and put on your fave rom-coms. If you need some inspo, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants couldn't be a better choice to watch on National Friendship Day.

Go Shopping At A Vintage Store And Have Your Very Own Movie Montage

Have your very own movie moment by shopping at a vintage store and trying on fun outfits. Have your friends pick out outfits just for you to try on, and then you can do the same for them. Take turns modeling them in the dressing room, and get ready to strike your best pose.

Treat Yourselves To Manis And Mimosas

Have a pampering day by getting manicures together. Grab a selfie of all of you sitting in a row getting your nails done. If there are no appointments available, give each other manicures at home and serve up some homemade mimosas.

Rent Out A Karaoke Room

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One of my favorite things to do with my friends is karaoke. You can find a place that rents out private rooms, and sing to your heart's content. I highly recommend adding "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls to your queue because it's a classic jam.