Group of women taking a selfie with aqua-colored Instagrammable Disney drinks at the theme park.
These Instagrammable Disney Drinks Are Basically Magic In A Cup

You know you can always count on Disney to go above and beyond with whatever they're doing. It's like they sprinkle a little extra pixie dust on top to make everything sparkle. At the parks, you can count on their food to be picture-perfect, but did you know there are also many Instagrammable Disney drinks you can order? When you know you're going to be taking vacation selfies left and right, Disney has you covered with gorgeous drinks that are totally ready for a close-up.

Some people may head to the parks to go on every single thrill ride, and others may go there to try the pretzels, churros, and popcorn all day. If you and your friends are looking for a casual Disney day strolling through the park, you might want to check out any of these nine camera-ready drinks.

This is the perfect list for bachelorette parties and foodies who want to upload those extra special snaps on their socials. These drinks are almost too perfect to sip, but that's why you should snap a ton of pictures — so they'll last forever on your feed. Whether you have a trip planned, or you're just looking for another excuse to visit Disney, here's a sip, sip, hooray to the most magical experience.

This Aqua Drink Is Totally "Worth Melting For"

With Frozen 2 coming out in Nov. 2019, you should check out the beautiful Arendelle Aqua color collection in the parks. Grab a colorful drink like this Worth Melting For cocktail (if you're 21 or over), which is available at Geyser Point at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. According to the Disney Parks blog, it's a mix of vodka and blue curaçao, pineapple juice, sour, and tropical-flavored syrup. If you have a pair of Arendelle Aqua Minnie ears or a spirit jersey, you need to snap a coordinating sippin' selfie with your drink.

This Shiny Champagne Has A Minnie On Top

This gorgeous champagne is also part of the Arendelle Aqua festivities, and it's appropriately named the Arendelle Aqua Cuvée. You can find this treat at Amorette's Patisserie in Disney Springs, which also has a ton of Instagram-worthy pastries like a Mickey-shaped dome cake. Your Mickey-shaped cake will match the Arendelle Aqua chocolate Minnie topper on your glass.

This Mega Margarita Is Perfect For Sharing With Friends

Located at Uva Bar in Downtown Disney, you can find this Mega Margarita that's perfect for sharing with friends. The margarita includes AsomBroso Blanco Tequila, Western Son prickly pear vodka, and homemade sweet 'n' sour. The bar also offers a "Mega Mule," "Mega Mojito," and "Mega Orange Beer-Tail."

This Spiked Hard Apple Float Is Perfect For Fall

Just in time for Halloween, Disney released a bunch of festive food and drinks in their parks, and this Spiked Hard Apple Float is a gorgeous addition. If you still love drinking floats, but also want a hard apple cider, this is the perfect drink for you. It's a hard apple cider with apple sorbet, and can be found at Clarabelle's Hand-Scooped Ice Cream in California Adventure.

This Poison Apple-Tini Is Perfect For Drinking With Your Best Witches

Halloween is a great time to grab some festive cocktails like this Poison Apple-Tini from Carthay Circle Restaurant. This drink is a mix of apple whiskey and apple pucker schnapps with cranberry juice to give it that vibrant red color. Caption your drink pics with something like, "Not so apple-y ever after" for that spooky touch.

These Cocktails Come With Popsicles On Top

Pop on over to Naples Ristorante e Bar in Downtown Disney for these refreshing cocktails. The Limoncello and Sangria Pop Cocktails both come with a popsicle on top. I've had my fair share of cocktail garnishes, and I have to say this one surely does stick out as a favorite.

This Fuzzy Tauntaun Is Out Of This World

If you're able to snag a reservation at Oga's Cantina at Walt Disney World, you'll want to order this Fuzzy Tauntaun drink. It has Cîroc Peach Vodka and Bols Peach Schnapps with orange tangerine juice and a "Buzz Button Tingling" foam on top.

This Hyperdrive Punch Is Perfect For Every 'Star Wars' Fan

Grab this delicious Hyperdrive (Punch It!) at Oga's Cantina. This virgin drink has Mountain Berry Blast Powerade, Sprite and white cranberry juice. The black cherry purée gives this drink its Instagram appeal.

This Pumpkin White Russian Will Give You Pumpkin To Talk About

I love pumpkin-flavored anything, so you know this Pumpkin White Russian is going straight on my must-drink list. Grab one at Maria & Enzo's in Disney Springs. If you're a pumpkin spice lover, you might fall head over heels for this delicious concoction. To give it that Instagram appeal, the glass is sprinkled with sugar on the rim.