A young Asian couple in pre-wedding photos
9 Insta Captions For Your Wedding Pics That Say “Just Married”

by Ginny Hogan

Did you just tie the knot? Are you planning on doing so soon? Sure, the most important part of getting married might be the vow of lifelong commitment, bringing together all the most important people in your life or the show of love and gratitude. But let's not leave out Instagram — love is important, but so are "likes," and, more importantly, finding a way to share your love with those who weren't at the wedding. If you want suggestions for Instagram captions for your "Just Married" pictures, I got you covered.

Coming up with the perfect caption is an art and a science. Unfortunately, it's not one they taught in school (at least not when I was in school — I wouldn't be surprised if kids these days are on top of it). You may want your caption to convey love, appreciation, and also a bit of humor. It's totally OK to not use Instagram or to not post a lot, but if you do want to post a photo, I have some helpful ideas.

Read on to find nine Instagram captions to show off that wedding glow. And remember — you still have every anniversary to re-gram wedding pics, so these captions may serve you well over time.

"Can't Wait For The Rest Of My Life"

This is a cute, sweet way of saying you've made a vow of lifelong commitment, and that life together starts now. Let your followers share in your joy!

"Oops I Wore White After Labor Day"

This is only if you've chosen to wear white at your wedding, which is completely up to you. It's a fun reference to an older fashion rule (which I don't subscribe to — I believe you can wear any color whenever you like!), and it has a silly but sweet vibe.

"I Do (Hope You'll Like This Photo)"

You're posting this photo for your followers to enjoy, so why not mention that in the caption? Along with the "I Do" reference, this is a great way to announce your nuptials.

"Don't Worry, I'm Not A Character In 'Midsommar'"

If you're wearing a white dress (both the white and the dress are optional) in a floral setting, you might raise some eyebrows this summer. For anyone who had the pleasure (or burden, depending on how you look at it) of watching Midsommar, a white dress may remind them of the movie. This is just a silly one — of course, they'll know you're getting married, but it's fun to throw in a pop culture reference.

"Consider The Knot Tied"

I've never understood the expression "tying the knot" (I grew up on Velcro), but it is a popular wedding reference. Let your followers know you made a lifelong commitment, and that you looked amazing while doing so.

"Stuck With This One"

This is an adorable way of saying "I'm so excited to be spending the rest of my life with this one," but it pokes good-natured fun at your partner. What is marriage if not another person to laugh with?

"Nobody Objected!"

Your followers may want a report of the wedding — did the flower girls eat the flowers? Did a groomsman trip on the way down the aisle? And, most importantly, did anyone conjure up Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" and bring the wedding to a halt? These are all things your Instagram community needs to know.

"Teeth Hurt From Smiling, So Worth It"

If you've ever been in a wedding party or watched the photographer, you know it's actually exhausting. You may have been worn out smiling so hard, and you want your Instagram followers to have realistic expectations about what it takes to make pics so grammable.

"Did It For The Content"

It's 2019. Everyone is a content creator. Of course, your followers will know you didn't actually get married for the likes on Instagram, but they'll appreciate your sense of humor. And they'll love your dress!

Instagram captions can be important, especially on your wedding day. It might be one of the biggest days of your life, and you'll be grateful for the opportunity to show friends and loved ones the photographic evidence. If you want to have some fun with the captions, consider some of the suggestions above. And above all — enjoy yourself! Whether or not you like posting on social media, you deserve to have a blast at your own wedding.