9 Bubbly Gifts For Your Bestie Who Loves Prosecco

Buying gifts for your bestie is hard. Even when you know what she likes, it's stressful picking out the little elements and deciding if this is really a gift she'd enjoy, never mind the gift she's been hoping for. Sure, you know she'll still love you even if it's the worst gift she's ever been given, but it's always nice to get her something she won't have to pretend to like. The best tip I've received when it comes to gift giving is focus on something they really like, and build your gift from there. Common sense, right? So if your friend can't get enough of her sparkling wines, you can start by focusing on gifts for the friend who loves prosecco.

Easy enough, right? You'd be surprised just how many prosecco-inspired gifts you can give your BFF. I guess everything can be related back to a good wine, in one way or another. Even if she's only a semi-avid prosecco drinker, she'll get a good kick out of these gifts. The best part? They're all way under $50, so you won't be breaking the bank this Christmas, and you can even build her a little care package with a few prosecco-lover items (and her favorite bottle, of course). These nine prosecco gifts are not for the faint of wine-loving hearts.

This Will Be Her New Favorite Candle

Prosecco Natural Soy Wax Candle, $8, Etsy

Yes, the candle is the actual OG of Christmas gifts, and probably re-gifts. But let's face the facts, here. We all love candles. We buy them for ourselves. We give them to others. So a prosecco-scented candle, though slightly basic, makes a quality gift your BFF.

Her Countertops Will Love You For This

Prosecco Coaster, $5, Etsy

Does your friend enjoy her glass of prosecco on the daily, but never seems to have coaster's or even a safe place to set down her glass? She might find great use for this cute little prosecco coaster. It's even personalized, so (hopefully) she'll never lose it.

This T-Shirt Which Truly Captures Her Essence

Be There in a Prosecco, $20, Etsy

She's smart, she's funny, and she loves her prosecco. If that describes your BFF, this is the shirt you need to get her for Christmas. Everyone can use a good t-shirt.

Her Feet Will Be Warm & So Will Her Heart

Personalized Socks, $7, Etsy

These socks describe your prosecco-lover to a T. Basically, she needs her wine, and if you're close enough to read her socks, you should probably being handing her a glass, too.

Who Said You Can't Drink Prosecco From A Mug?

Prosecco Princess Mug, $11, Etsy

Forget societal norms. We're all about the unusual, and sometimes that means your bestie gets to enjoy her glass of prosecco from a coffee mug. She could also just use it for coffee, but what's the fun in that?

The Perfect Gift For Her Prosecco Sweet Tooth

Prosecco Sweets, $18, Etsy

Alcohol-flavored treats are really never a bad idea. This little jar make for a super-cute stocking stuffer, and she'll love the personalized detail and note. Who doesn't want a jar of flavored gummies with your name on it?

Her House Needs This Print

Soup Of The Day Print, $7, Etsy

Finding the perfect home decor is hard, but she won't think twice about hanging up this masterpiece. It's simple enough to match any decor she already has. And, duh, you can't go wrong with a prosecco print in the kitchen.

The Best Way To Take A Bath

Prosecco Bath Bomb, $3, Etsy

Bath bombs are flawless gifts. She'll use it sometime, and on that day, she'll be able to unwind with her glass of prosecco and a bath of glittery prosecco. Forget the spa – that's all any of us really need.

Grocery Shopping Has Never Been So Fun

Espresso Then Prosecco Groceries Shopping Tote, $4, Etsy

So she's a coffee lover and a prosecco drinker. This tote is the perfect match for her. With this, she makes grocery shopping look stylish.