Night Owls Will Get A *Hoot* Out Of These 9 Holiday Gifts, So Start Shopping

by Julia Guerra

What time did you go to bed last night? If you answered somewhere around 9, 10, even 11 p.m., somewhere a night owl is scoffing. The difference between early birds and night owls is striking, like the difference between tea and coffee drinkers. It’s not just a preference, nor is it a personality trait — your body’s internal clock determines the kind of life you lead. So with the holiday season in full swing, and time to find the perfect present slipping away, if you’re fresh out of ideas, why not brainstorm gifts for the night owl in your life that will help them continue to thrive well into the late hours you’ll most likely be snoozing through?

Personally, I’m an early riser myself, but my husband, on the other hand, would probably never come to bed if he didn’t have to. Then there are the night owls who may have started off as early birds, who were perfectly content catching their worms, but then life dealt them a new hand. Maybe they were offered a job too good to pass up that, unfortunately, was riddled with late shifts, or perhaps a class requirement they couldn't get around was only offered at 8 p.m. Suddenly, they traded in their 6 a.m. workouts, and sipping coffee with the sunrise outside their window, for chugging any source of caffeine to stay awake, and driving home under streetlights.

So, really, there are two potential nocturnal creatures you could be shopping for here: those who naturally adore the night, and those who are forced to put up with it. Figure out which category your loved one falls under, and explore your options accordingly.

Still stumped? Here are a few gift ideas for the night owl in your life to help you get started.

A Pair Of Noise-Cancelling Headphones For Them (And For You)

While you're sound asleep in the next room, night owls are at their prime when it's after dark. They think more clearly, are able to focus on work, or creative projects, but it's also their time to kick back and relax when they finish any leftover assignments they'd been putting off all day.

This is great for them, but not so great for you if you're trying to get some much-needed shut-eye amidst their computer speakers making all kinds of distracting noises. If they don't own a pair already, present your night owl with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. This way, they won't hear you snore (or huff and puff to get them to take a hint), and you won't hear any of their late-night activities.

A Collection Of Tea They Can Sip Through The Late Nights

Not all night owls are nocturnal by nature. Sometimes life gives you lemons, so you have to make lemonade. Or, in this case, work schedules you for the late shift, so you have to wake TF up.

If your loved one just so happens to be living the nocturnal life due to circumstance, tea can help. DAVIDsTEA's wheel of favorites is a collection of 36 sachets of 12 beloved flavors, like Buddha’s Blend, Cinnamon Rooibos Chai, and Green Passionfruit, so if your night-owl giftee is a tea drinker, this stash should help them meet those late-night deadlines, or get them through a long semester of 8 p.m. classes on a positive, delicious note.

A Decorative Lamp They Can Read By

Similar to how some morning people rise with the dawn to bask in the quiet, there are night owls who just really love the stillness that veils the world when it all goes dark. There's no denying it's the perfect time to cuddle up with a blanket and lose yourself in a good book, so if your night owl is also a bookworm, this delicate rose gold lamp can provide them with enough light so they can read the words on the page, without disrupting the shadows they adore.

A Sweatshirt Dress To Sport Or Snooze In

Morning people practically pop out of bed like a summer daisy. They're basically ready to get dressed as soon as they open their eyes. Night owls, on the other hand, tend to value the art of lounging.

Even if they have some place to go at 11 a.m., unless it's a club, your nocturnal loved one is probably going to opt for an outfit that's all about comfort. Sweats are ideal, obviously, but for the night owl who likes to look cute, but still feel super cozy, Gymshark's sweatshirt dress is the way to go. They can throw on a pair of fresh, white sneakers to make the ensemble a little more casual, or dress it up with some knee-high boots. And the best part is, if they don't get home until the early morning, it can double as a giant night shirt to sleep in.

A Coffee Mug That Just *Gets* Them

The best gifts are the ones that will speak to the person's soul. This mug, for example, pretty much sums up how any night owl who detests mornings really feels on a daily basis. Plus, it's just a hoot (get it??).

Fancy Draft Lattes To Curb Their Caffeine Cravings

Nocturnal creatures typically aren't fans of the early morning hours, or even early afternoons. To help them wake up a little more easily, why not stock their fridge with fancy cold brews? La Colombe's seasonal draft latte offerings include flavors like Peppermint Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, Caramel, Mocha, Vanilla, and so much more.

A Makeup Palette They'll Look Forward To Using

I remember my first NAKED palette. My sister bought it for me for Christmas my freshman year of college, and I thought it was the coolest gift I'd ever received. If your night owl is also a makeup junkie, Urban Decay's new cherry palette might just put a little extra pep in their step, especially if they aren't staying up late because they necessarily want to.

Lavender Body Spray To Spritz For Sleep

Let's say your loved one is actually a morning person at heart, but they just landed an awesome job that requires them to work late into the evenings. The time difference is probably going to throw off the sleep-wake schedule they're used to following, so I'll bet they're looking for a little assistance in the snooze department.

Enter: Twilight — no, not the movie. I'm talking about the lavender-scented body spray from LUSH that's described as a "sleep-inducing perfume." Not only will a generous spritz here and there act as a fragrant lullaby, the formula can also help soften their skin, according to the product's description.

A Blanket Scarf To Keep Them Warm Through Chilly Winter Nights

Think about how cold it gets in the wintertime when the sun's out. Now imagine how frigid it must feel when the sun goes down. If your night owl has to venture outside late in the evening, they're going to want to bundle up this time of year.

Warm them up with this super cute, multicolored scarf from Urban Outfitters that's both fashion-forward and huge, so they can really burrow underneath the fabric when the temperatures just keep dropping.