9 Gifts For Runners That Aren't Just Another Pair Of Fancy Headphones

by Georgina Berbari

Everyone has that one friend who's literally obsessed with running. They've done like 17 half-marathons, they're basically riding a permanent runner's high, and they frequently say sh*t like, "Ugh, I only ran 10 miles today." Still, you love them unconditionally, and you're constantly trying to come up with unique gifts for runners to keep your little gazelle happy around the holidays.

With Christmas and Hanukkah right around the corner, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the gifting you have to do. And when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your BFF who loves to pound the pavement, you might be tempted to just opt for a pair of fancy headphones at the last minute and call it a day. Sure, hhigh-tech headphones are great and all, but it's a pretty blah gift for someone who probably already has, like, 20 pairs. While your giftee will probably appreciate the sentiment no matter what, you really want to wow her right out of her Nike Pros this year, don't you?

Luckily, there are a bunch of clever and punny gifts that your favorite running enthusiast will absolutely adore. Here are a few to put on your holiday shopping list.

A Water Bottle That Does It All, And Then Some

FuelBelt Tech Fuel Hand-Held Running Water Bottle with Smartphone Holder, $15, Amazon

This squeezable water bottle is where it's at for long runs, and your athletic BFF is sure to appreciate how unique and functional this bad boy is.

Trying to hold an annoying plastic Poland Spring bottle while sweating it out on the trail gets frustrating AF. But this water bottle will feel like it's literally made for her palm only, and she can strap her phone right in without having to worry about holding or dropping it.

A Shirt That'll Tell The World How They Really Feel

Run Now Wine Later T-Shirt, $23, Teespring

Listen, everyone knows how you're really celebrating that long run, fam. But you might as well shout it loud and clear with this classy and super soft t-shirt.

Coffee, Because Caffeine Is Bae
Runner's World

Runner's World Marathon Roast Organic Coffee Beans, $16, Runner's World

I'm not sure how "marathon roast" is different from a standard coffee bean, but I'm guessing there's something in it that motivates people to leisurely go on a 20-mile, marathon-training run early on a Saturday morning.

Personally, I'm nauseous just thinking about that concept, but your runner BFF will definitely be head over heels over this caffeinated present.

A Super Savvy Hat

UV Pack Run Cap Buff - Pack Lite R-Jam Lime, $38, Amazon

Even in the winter, UV rays are no joke. If anything, that's when you should worry about them most, because it's easy to think they won't affect you unless it's hot outside. But this hat is super high-tech, and literally blocks all those nasty sunbeams.

Plus, it's neon, because safety is super important for those evening jogs.

A Gift Their Body Will Be Eternally Thankful For
Moon Valley Organics

Muscle Rub, $13, Moon Valley Organics

You probably hear your running enthusiast BFF moan, "Ugh I am so sore" on the reg. And when you suggest they take a day off from pounding the pavement, they look at you like you just killed their firstborn child.

This holiday season, give them a bottle of this muscle rub; just trust me on this one.

Comfy Socks That Keep Blisters At Bay
Sweaty Betty

Techinal Run Socks, $20, Sweaty Betty

The red, painful blisters that a devoted runner's feet will endure are so freaking real. Side note: For the last time, I do not want to see them, no matter how "fascinating" you think they look.

Anyway, these socks will feel heavenly on any runner's hard-working toes. They even keep super sweaty feet mildly cool and dry, which is always a plus.

An Ear-Warmer That Isn't Ugly AF

Run It Out Ear Warmer, $28, Lululemon

Let's be real, even when it's negative 20 degrees outside, your friend is not about to skip out on their scheduled run.

These stylish and insulated ear-warmers are just the gift they need to soothe the icicles their ears would have otherwise turned into had you not been clever enough to gift them this bad boy.

Delicious Snacks For Those Post-Run Hangry Feels
Picky Bars

18 Bar Mixed Pack, $45, Picky Bars

Oh yes, that post-run "hanger" is real, and you don't want to be around any runner who's not prepared with a snack to satiate their revved-up metabolism.

With flavors like cookie dough and chai and coffee, these bars are uniquely delicious and practical AF.

A Fanny Pack That's Actually Kind Of Stylish

Bataan 3L Fanny Pack, $30, Cotopaxi

If you thought fanny packs were reserved for your great grandma's waist, think again. There's room for snacks, keys, chapstick, and more in this colorful bad boy.

TBH, runners live for this sh*t, so gifting them one that's actually pretty stylish will win over that healthy heart of theirs.