7 Awesome Gifts For The Friend Who Literally Never Misses A Workout

by Georgina Berbari

Everyone has that friend who basically eats, breathes, and sleeps in the gym. Their dedication to the #gains is inspirational AF, and it honestly seems like they never miss a workout. So with the holidays right around the corner, brainstorming the best fitness gifts possible for your sporty BFF is absolutely essential.

Most people think that buying presents for a fitness fanatic is super easy, because all you really need to do is get them a killer pair of comfy yoga pants and a gift card to SoulCycle, right? Sure, she'll probably like those presents, but the key to really winning over your fit friend's heart is to pick out a totally unique gift that will support all of her athletic endeavors. Like, let's be real, she definitely already owns 15 pairs of yoga pants, if not more.

Sadly, fitness gadgets can be obscenely expensive, and your wallet will most likely hate you if you venture into that realm. But fear not, because we've found a few gifts that won't break the bank, but are still utterly perfect for the friend who spends all her time at the gym — when she's not already spending her time with you, of course.

A Stylish Swell Bottle

The Old Hollywood Collection - Savoy, $50, S'well

S'well bottles are honestly essential for anyone who work outs on the reg, so if your pal doesn't already have one, this gift is where it's at.

The floral design has an adorable vintage aesthetic, and it looks glamorous AF. It's sure to keep your friend's tea comfortably hot, and her smoothies perfectly cool — what more could you ask for?

A Pair Of Tangle-Resistant Headphones

Red Earbuds with Yellow & Black Braided Accents, $35, Tweedz

Nothing — and I mean nothing — is worse than when your headphones get aggressively tangled up, and you have to put off your workout for like 20 minutes while you try to tame the knotted beast.

Dramatic? Maybe. But these tangle-free headphones will be greatly appreciated by anyone who squeezes in a sweat sesh on the daily.

Plus, they're super stylish, and they look way cuter than those generic white Apple earbuds.

A Chic And Classy Tank Top
Yoga Outlet

Spiritual Gangster SG Varsity Aura Yoga Tank Top, $38, Yoga Outlet

You just know that your BFF loves to hit up a soothing yoga flow on her active rest days. This classy spiritual gangster tank is soft AF, and will make her the most fashion-forward yogi in the room.

Oh, and side note: For every item sold, this company donates the proceeds to provide a meal to a person in need. Hell to the yes.

A Sexy And Supportive Sports Bra

Marble Print Sports Bra, $40, Bloomingdales

Whether they're doing burpees or commandos, this mesh and marble sports bra is every fit friend's dream.

This bra will support the girls through it all, and they'll look perky AF throughout even the most difficult of workouts.

A Backpack That Literally Does It All

Combat Backpack, $40, Puma

This adorable olive backpack is everything. There's a yoga mat-holder on the front, and when you venture into the inner compartments, the bag separates sweaty clothes from everything else.

Trust me, that is an absolute requirement when you routinely hit the gym — sh*t gets gross, fam.

Nikes That Are Cute, Yet Affordable

Nike Flex Experience Run 5 - Women's, $50, SIX:02

You probably never thought about gifting a pair of Nikes to your gal pal because honestly, they're expensive as hell. But these bad boys are under $50 and still so freaking cute. Unheard of, right?

A Super Practical Armband

Nike Lean Arm Band for Phones, $20, SwimOutlet

TBH, even though this is probably the most low-key gift on this list, I personally think it will be the most appreciated. Putting your phone in your sports bra when you're super sweaty is a recipe for disaster, aka water damage and/or a blurred selfie lens.

But this bad boy resolves all of those #FirstWorldProbs, and it's not weirdly chunky or straight-up ugly like most arm bands. Best gift ever, amirite?