10 Creative Gift Ideas That Are Absolutely Perfect For The Yogi In Your Life

by Georgina Berbari

OK, real talk: The literal second that Halloween was officially over, I started blaring my holiday music like nobody's business — in the shower, in the car, even at the gym (you don't do deadlifts to the tune of "All I Want For Christmas Is You?"). Because I'm so shamelessly that girl around the holidays, it's hardly a surprise that I'm already beyond psyched to start gift-shopping, and as a yoga teacher, it's naturally part of my job to come up with some kickass yoga gift ideas for my fellow yogis, students, and favorite instructors.

The holiday season is magical AF, and there's so much to look forward to For me, shopping for gifts is honestly my favorite thing in the world, especially when it comes to treating my fellow yogis. There are so many ways you can get creative when you're coming up with super zen presents to put together.

If I had to think of one low-key drawback though, it's that my wallet is never, ever happy with me by the time I'm done with my shopping. The holiday debt is real, guys.

Worry not though, my dear yogis, as I've made sure to come up with a killer list of gifts that are all under $50 — yeah, you're welcome. Here are 10 unique gifts for the bendy babe in your life that aren't just another rendition of a "Namaste" coffee mug. We're all sick of that gift by now, amirite?

An Adorable, Versatile Mat For The Sweatiest Of Yoga Flows

YogiToes Tesselate Skidless Yoga Mat Towel, $40, YogaOutlet

Hot yoga is invigorating, rejuvenating, and cleansing as hell. But slipping on your mat and face-planting while you're trying to find your center is just not a good time. The sweat is real, y'all.

Any hot yoga-loving yogi will be obsessed with this intricately designed, skid-less mat towel. And honestly, even if you don't do hot yoga, I'm pretty sure you'll still want this bad boy. I don't know about you, but I've been known to shed a profuse amount of sweat during my practice, even in a room-temperature vinyasa flow. Whoever says they don't sweat during yoga is clearly sitting on a throne of lies.

A Bolster For Getting Comfy As Hell In Restorative Poses

Myzenhome Yoga Bolster, $50, YogaOutlet

Anyone who's practiced restorative yoga poses knows the flow can feel like a heavenly cross between a gentle, deep-tissue massage, and a warm, relaxing bubble bath. Yes, it really is that great.

However, a lot yogis only get access to cushion-y bolsters when they hit up their favorite studio. Surprise the yogi in your life with this incredibly comfortable bolster so she can give herself all the TLC right in the comfort of her own home.

Maybe she'll even let you try out a few restorative poses on it yourself as a sign of gratitude.

A Vibrant Yoga Mat, Because You Can Never Have Too Many

Hugger Mugger Nature Collection PER Yoga Mat, $24, Amazon

You might be thinking that avid yogis definitely don't need another yoga mat to add to their rapidly growing collection, but TBH, a new one is always appreciated.

It can actually be super hard to find quality mats that don't burn a hole in your wallet, but this bad boy is where it's at. The surface is non-slip, and it's perfect for travel (because you know yogis are always including their mat as a carry-on item). Plus, it comes in so many cute colors, including amethyst, sunset, and cherry blossom.

A Delicate And Classic Lotus Bangle

Lotus Flower Bangle Bracelet, $49, Etsy

There's nothing more classic and thoughtful than an elegant, timeless piece of jewelry for a holiday present. Lotus flowers are especially beautiful because they bloom from within the depths of the mud, and rise up toward the sun.

This bracelet will remind your favorite yogi that no matter what muddy situation arises in life, there's always an opportunity for growth and radiant prosperity.

GI Joes For Yogis, Because How Can You Not?

Brogamats Yoga Joes, $28, Amazon

If this isn't the cutest f*cking gift you've ever seen in your entire life, I honestly don't even know what is.

These "yoga joes" are rockin' headstand, cobra, warrior one, warrior two, child's pose, tree pose, crow, and downward-facing dog. One of them is even sitting in meditation — I mean, come on.

Any true yogi with a sense of humor will get a kick out of this thoughtful and unique gift, trust me.

A Headband That's Not Just For Keeping Hair In Place
Free People

Printed Widebands, $18, Free People

There's nothing worse than getting a mouthful of hair when you're trying to stay centered AF in downward facing dog. This headband will help your yogi BFF hop off that struggle bus in style.

But the real kicker? This headband doubles as an eye cover for a quality, relaxing savasana. Just slide that bad boy down from your forehead over your eyes, and zone the f*ck out in peace.

The Perfectly Punny Wall Decal

Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker Keep Calm Carry Om, $26, Etsy

"Om" is the sound of the universe, and it's typically chanted at the beginning and/or end of a yoga flow.

Yogis live for that sh*t, and "om" puns in particular are classic AF. From "om is where the heart is" t-shirts, to this "keep calm and carry om" wall decal, you honestly can't go wrong with a good yoga pun.

A Sports Bra That's As Sexy As It Is Supportive

Betsey Johnson Ladder Strap Seamless Yoga Sports Bra, $25, YogaOutlet

More often than not, a yogi's sports bra collection is always overflowing, but much like her yoga mats, she can never have enough.

This striking, strappy, supportive little number is perfect for everything from tree pose to savasana. It has removable bra cups that'll give you a little extra support whenever you need it, and it also comes in black because, as we all know, black is bae.

Some Dope Crystals For All The Good Vibes

SoulMakes Agate Pillar Point Yoga Crystals, $24, YogaOutlet

TBH, I'd kill to unwrap a box full of these crystals on Christmas morning. This vibrant and electric-colored set promotes love, harmony, and abundance, and it's just what your fav yogi wants alongside her mat when she's killin' the downward dog game.

Each crystal is unique in both shape and size, so even if you got these for two different people, they would never be the same, which is cool AF when you think about it.

Chakra Chocolates That'll Satisfy Any Craving

Ayurvedic Chakra Vegan Chocolate Truffles, $35, Amazon

You can never go wrong with chocolate, amirite? TBH, people who don't like chocolate are the main reason why I have trust issues.

As long as your friend isn't one of those weirdos who doesn't like chocolate, this gift is sure to be a show-stopper.