ISFP is one of the Myers-Briggs personality types who excels at quarantine dating.
Dating Apps Are About To Be Busier Than Ever — Here's How To Make The Most Of It


2020 was a rough year for dating. How rough? Like playing a video game on the hardest level. Like answering a text when your nails are still drying. Like watching Bridgerton with your parents, only to discover Regency England was way steamier than you ever expected. But fortunately, Dating Sunday is coming up on Jan. 3. The first Sunday in January is always the busiest day of the year for dating apps. If you're going to put yourself out there, these tips will help you make Dating Sunday 2021 one of the most rewarding days of the year.

The good news: Despite dire conditions, singles are feeling optimistic. Even though Bumble recently found that 49% of daters believe they'll be "bad" at dating in 2021, it also discovered that over half of users (56%) believe this will be "their year" when it comes to finding a partner. Another 56% plan to focus on dating even more than usual in January, and a full two-thirds (66%) say the start of the new year is inspiring them to put themselves out there more.

To make the most of this swipe-happy holiday, I asked avid dating app users how they plan to make the most of their love lives on Jan. 3 and beyond. Their advice is inspirational.

Try Video Dates
I’ve started dipping my toes into video/virtual first dates and hope to have many more in 2021, especially as I’m moving out of my parents' house and into a city at the beginning of the year. In 2021, I’m really ready to find someone to share in the new, unexpected life I’m building for myself.

— Katie

Take Notes
After a long talk with my therapist, we decided that dating can be one of the ways I get to know more about myself. I created a Google Doc where I will write down one like and one dislike that I learned from each date.

— Via

Talk About COVID Safety
In 2021, my goal in using dating apps is to chat with people who are taking the same safety precautions I am (COVID is still very much a thing, people!) and only dedicate time to connections who I feel are aligned with my views on pandemic-safe dating. I'm also going to work hard to make sure I protect my emotional health in addition to my physical health by putting stake into relationships only when I know we are on the same page. I know this will probably require a lot of open communication, so I'm hoping to find people who are willing to be vulnerable as well.

— Veronica

Consider If You're Actually Making An Effort
I often joke with my friends that I’m only on dating apps to 'make a conscious effort not to die alone' but the truth is that the effort I’m putting in is mostly nonexistent. Just having a profile isn’t enough, I’m finding. I rarely message first, I abhor small talk, I don’t put a lot into the bios or prompts, I’ve been recycling the same photos since I first got on dating apps in January 2019, and I don’t invest a lot of actual time in the apps themselves.
I’m really introverted and a pretty private person, and I’m not going to compromise those parts of me just to get a date, but I could definitely stand to be a little bit more outgoing and put myself out there more. I think it would be a good idea to give my profiles a make over, get newer pictures (how do you even do that in the middle of pandemic, though?), and all in all just put a little more effort into it.

— Ashton

Use Filters
In 2021, I want to keep using filters to refine matches besides just location. For example, smoking is a dealbreaker to me, so now I don't see anyone who says yes to smoking. Religion and spirituality are important to me, so I sometimes will add a filter to exclude agnostic or atheist people. My goal is to meet more people whose values align with mine, since that is where I think real connection happens.

— Rebekah

Keep An Open Mind
I’m going to take my time and pick through profiles a little more carefully and not be so quick to pass judgment on guys I don’t have an initial deep attraction to. Maybe swipe right on men I normally wouldn’t swipe right on. Maybe open up my age span. I'll look for kind eyes and smiles and look for profiles that resonate with me or make me laugh. I would love to find love this year.

— Sharon

Take Dating Slowly
I went through a quarantine breakup, so I'm new to the dating scene. I'm still nervous to go out in person, so I actually did a movie date the other day streamed over Discord. Personally, I'm not super interested in hookups right now, since some people in my area are still going out like normal. So, it's kind of tricky finding people who are cool with not going out until you get to talking.

— Cass

Test Your Compatibility Before You Meet Up
In 2021, I plan to be more intentional and selective, especially with my in-person dates. I don’t want to get too comfortable meeting new men in person during a global pandemic. That has entailed having longer conversations over text message, phone calls, and video calls to make sure we are compatible and we can hold a conversation before meeting. I’m also requesting very detailed information on their COVID safety strategy, how frequently they see other people, and their current mindset on politics.

— Leah

Remember, Dating Is Fun!
During 2020, I was sort of seeing someone, but we were never official... As soon as things ended, I got right back on dating apps and I was shocked at how quickly I got back into dating. I forgot how fun dating can be and how exciting it is to meet someone new. For the first time, I’ve put effort into my profile text so there would be conversation starters, and I’m really making an effort to say yes and not be shy when it comes to dating. I've had a couple of socially-distanced and outdoor dates this month, and I’m really looking forward to going on more (restrictions permitting) in 2021.

— Aimee