9 Country Songs You’ll Want To Dance To At Your Wedding, So Take Notes

by Korey Lane

You probably know someone who is a huge country music fan. They know why George Strait is called King George, and they can sing every lyric to "The Devil Went Down To Georgia." Sure, it might not be everyone's favorite genre, but country music doesn't get enough credit. Honestly, there are some real bangers out there, including several country songs that make amazing wedding songs.

I don't know about you, but I wasn't always a big country music fan. Although I hail from the great state of Texas, and went through a Sugarland-loving phase in high school, it was never really something I actively listened to. But since I'm marrying a huge Texas-hailing country-music-loving fan, and someone who just so happens to play country music himself, I've learned to appreciate the genre for all it's worth. In fact, we recently decided that our first dance at our wedding will be to a country song, and you know what? I actually love it.

Say what you will about the whole "my girl dumped me and stole my dog and keyed my tractor" cliché, but country music can actually be super heartfelt. Honestly, the genre as a whole gives me hardcore Ed Sheeran vibes (if Ed Sheeran was from Tennessee).

If you're putting together a wedding playlist, or just want to listen to the sweetest country songs out there, then read on.

"Then" by Brad Paisley
HorseLovinCowgirl1 on YouTube

Brad Paisley is actually super romantic and I'll forever love the fact that he fell in love with his wife while she was sporting some 80s-esque hair in Father Of The Bride.

So, yes, most Paisley songs would work well for weddings, but "Then" is especially sweet. It's about the journey of a couple and what you have to look forward to in life, together.

"God Gave Me You," by Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton on YouTube

This is also a super adorable song to play at a wedding. Shelton belts out about how much he needs his love. Awkwardly, this video is definitely about Miranda Lambert, but despite their divorce, the song still stands.

"Amazed," by Lonestar
LonestarVEVO on YouTube

Also a bit of an oldie, this jam is nothing short of romantic. But, I mean, come on, don't we all want to know that someone is amazed by us?

"Cowboy Take Me Away," by The Dixie Chicks
dixiechicksVEVO on YouTube

Listen, the Dixie Chicks should be required listening for everyone who has ever lived, and that's just the truth. While many of their songs are sassy, silly, or just plain bad*ss, this one portrays a sense of longing, and perfect for anyone marrying someone a little more country than them.

“Wanted,” by Hunter Hayes
Hunter Hayes on YouTube

Why, yes, I do enjoy feeling wanted, Hunter Hayes. How did you know? This is a great song to sway and twirl to, while sipping wine and looking flawless.

"Smile," by Uncle Kracker
Uncle Kracker on YouTube

To be honest, I'm not familiar with Uncle Kracker's repertoire of work, but "Smile" is a certified bop. It's definitely more up-beat and not for a slow dance at a wedding, but it'll get everyone on the dance floor.

"I Do,” by Jessie James Decker
Jessie James Decker on YouTube

I mean, the song is literally called "I Do." Do I really need to explain why it's perfect for a wedding?

“All-American Girl,” by Carrie Underwood
carrieunderwoodVEVO on YouTube

This is also a pretty up-beat song, but it follows the story of a daddy's girl through her wedding day, and it's a sweet song to play at any wedding.

"Mama's Song" by Carrie Underwood
carrieunderwoodVEVO on YouTube

I don't think I'll ever be able to listen to this song or watch the video without crying. Underwood wrote this song for her mom, and it's all about Underwood marrying a good guy, and how her mom doesn't need to worry about her. bIt's sweet, it's heartwarming, and it's perfect to play at any wedding if you want to get those tears flowing.

Whether you're a die-hard country music stan, or brand new to the genre, these songs are perfect for your wedding, no matter how much you like to boot, scoot'n boogie. Say "I do," then doo-wop the night away on the dance floor!

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