9 Commitments To Make To Yourself Before You Blow Out The Candles On Your 25th

As a senior in college, I am coming to the very real, very scary, and very fast (too freaking fast) realization that my time as a pre-adult is basically over. It’s almost time to graduate, move out of my hometown, and try to thrive as a working woman. Of course, all college students can attest to the fact that they’ve been adulting for the past few years, probably more so in the past year and a half. However, that’s only slightly true; a lot of us haven’t had to deal with the real world just yet. That's why there's no better time than the present to start coming up with several commitments to make to yourself before you hit 25.

Before we know it, just as the past four years have swooshed by, our early twenties will go by as well. Morbid as I may be by musing this, life is known for not only hitting you hard, but also for going by right before our very eyes. But no need to freak out just yet. We still have time to enjoy life and accomplish what we want to before we hit 25. Here are some important commitments to make to yourself before the big 2-5 hits.

Make Time For Yourself To Really Enjoy Something

This may seem kind of cheesy, however it’s crazy how we often don’t take time to just sit back and really enjoy life (to, dare I say, smell the roses and just reflect on the good things life has given us). With social media and technology allowing so many things to go on at once that require our attention, we can easily forget the important things and self-check ourselves on our own happiness. Hopefully, you can find time to do this often, but before you’re 25, definitely take this time to make sure you’re heading where you want to in life. And make sure you’re doing it for you.

Take That Big Career Step

Do not be afraid to really put yourself out there with your career. It’s tricky, and sometimes you don’t know what you even want to do. But just do it.

Trust your gut, and don’t let fear stop you from taking that promotion, requesting a raise, or pitching a brand new idea. You will definitely thank yourself later when it pays off. And if it “fails?" You’ll learn from it, and rock it the next time.

Cut Ties With Those Who Are Holding You Back

The college years are a great time to make friends, but it’s also a good time to see everyone’s true colors. Some take longer than others, but as soon as you get a bad vibe or see how a “friend” interacts with another person in a negative way, reevaluate that relationship.

A toxic person can be a friend, a parent, a mentor, or a partner. We’re way too young to keep these people connected to our lives. Make sure that your close circle has your back and has their values in check before it’s too late. You definitely don’t have time, nor should you make the time, to entertain someone who's not worthy of it.

Stop Toxic Relationships

Along with cutting out toxic people from your life, make sure that principle applies to your love life as well. No matter how much you may love the person, if they aren’t supporting you, helping you thrive, or giving you satisfaction in a relationship, it may be time to let them go. You don’t have time to spend your young years with someone who isn’t your endgame.

Have A Wild Getaway Weekend

A recurring theme here — if you haven’t gotten it yet — is we are young. We need to selfishly exploit our youth while we have it! And this means that if you're 21 and up, you should go out, have a raging weekend, and embrace the good times. Some of us may get hangovers, but we can bounce back way quicker now than we will later on in life, so take advantage of it. Plus, getting older also includes more responsibilities, so right now is the best time to take off for that girls' getaway.

Decorate Your Cute AF Apartment

A lot of people have apartments in college, but your first one after graduation will hold a very special place in your heart for sure. Paying that down payment and having your own space is going to be amazing. And even better? All the cute stuff you can buy to decorate the whole place! Target needs to watch out, and my future roommates need to guard my credit card.

Own Your Very Own Pet

Maybe this is super ambitious, but I would really like to have a puppy of my own by my mid 20s. I miss having something cuddly around, and dogs are so pure. I really need one of them in my life, 24/7. Due to apartment situations and finances, this may not happen, but dammit, I need to try.

Have A Wardrobe That Speaks To You

I love fashion and putting outfits together, but sometimes due to class schedules that constantly leave me tired or the lack of desire to dress up for a 9 a.m. class, I often don’t get to utilize that. So, you should make it a goal to establish a closet that just shouts “you” and speaks to your inner being. I want to get to a point where I love absolutely everything in my closet and don’t have to struggle for the perfect combination. Will this ever happen? Who knows if it’s possible, but I want to try.

Do Something Grand For One Or Both Of Your Parents

Our parents are our rocks. They raised us, kept us from becoming horrible people (well, most of them did), and they also are the best. Before I turn 25, I really want to show my mom just an inkling of the love I have for her in material things (since she never spoils herself like she should). Whether it’s a trip, an expensive spa visit, or just a really nice present, I plan to do this as often as I’m financially able, but especially once before I make it to my mid-twenties.