9 Magical Places To Visit If Looking At Christmas Lights Is Your Fave Holiday Activity

Nothing quite puts you in the mood for the season better than gazing at a beautiful display of Christmas lights. Everywhere you look, you'll inevitably see the bright lights. They're in your home, in the mall when you're shopping, and literally all around town when you're taking a stroll with hot chocolate in hand. If you're feeling yourself getting a little Grinch-y, just one look at the multicolored string lights will fill your heart with joy and brighten up your whole holiday. If your favorite activity is watching the lights dance, there are some stunning Christmas light displays to visit this season.

You can never have too many string lights. In fact "too many," is always never enough. For someone who truly loves embracing the season and wants to find themselves in a winter wonderland, here are nine places with the best lights to plan a visit to this holiday season.

Plan a trip with your friends, your family, or bae. Even if you can't travel too far for Christmas lights, you can surely find a great place to view them in a nearby neighborhood or at the mall. Either way, you can't forget to grab some hot chocolate and your camera, because you'll want to be cozy. We hope your holidays are merry and bright.

Candy Cane Lane In Woodland Hills, California
socaliford on Twitter

Every year this neighborhood in Woodland Hills seriously turns into Santa's village. It's like every neighbor is trying to one up one another, so it just becomes a Christmas light dream come true. SoCal residents make it a holiday tradition every year to bring their family and friends for a stroll down Candy Cane Lane that never disappoints.

Holiday Light Fantasia In Hartford, Connecticut
ctvisit on Twitter

Hartford has its very own Christmas tradition of turning Goodwin Park into a stunning holiday sight. Your friends and family can take a drive through the park to see the display. Don't forget the hot cocoa to keep you toasty.

Christmastime At Disneyland In Anaheim, California
wdwgetaways on Twitter

You know you can always count on Disney to truly bring things up when it comes to holiday decorations. Disney doesn't believe in the concept of too much. Even before Halloween is over, Disneyland is covered in festive decorations left and right.

Sleeping Beauty's castle is adorned with lights and a soft blanket of snow, there's a tree set up at the end of Main Street, and best of all, It's A Small World has a Christmas overlay. Nothing truly makes you believe in Christmas miracles more than going to Disneyland.

L.A. Zoo Lights In Los Angeles, California
mayorofla on Twitter

Every year, the Los Angeles Zoo lights up at night for L.A. Zoo Lights. There are LEDs, 3-D projections, and lasers, oh my! Every kind of Christmas light you could imagine is here to make dreams come true.

Barnsley Gardens In Adairsville, Georgia
jchen3605 on Twitter

The Barnsley Gardens spotlights a beloved Christmas tradition in Georgia. You can take a guided walking tour with all of the spectacular lights. Or, if you and bae want a romantic weekend getaway for the holidays, you can stay at one of its charming cottages.

Waikele Lights In Waipahu, Hawaii
civilbeat on Twitter

This neighborhood in Hawaii gets lit every year with Christmas lights and music. Don't forget to bring a warm drink and get close to your family as you enjoy the light show that happens every 30 minutes. It includes different holiday songs and the lights all dance, too.

Dyker Heights Lights In Brooklyn, New York
alexjamesfitz on Twitter

It's true that Rockefeller Center is a great place to see some Christmas decorations if you live in New York City, but Dyker Heights is where it's at. The entire community gets involved with putting up strings and strings of Christmas lights. There's a lot to see that will make your jaw drop.

Trail Of Lights In Austin, Texas
msfiregoddess on Twitter

Texas certainly does not go small when it comes to their Christmas lights. The Trail of Lights in Austin is one of the biggest events in the city, so you certainly don't want to miss out on this one. You and your squad can take some awesome group pics standing under the huge tunnel of lights.

Holiday Lights Festival In Omaha, Nebraska
unocba on Twitter

Every year, downtown Omaha lights up the season with its Holiday Lights Festival. If you're a big fan of classy white lights, this is the ultimate destination for you. More than 40 blocks will brighten up the night, and it will make you feel like you're in a holiday dream.