9 Chrissy Clapbacks That Put Haters In Their Place

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Chrissy Teigen is not one to stand for unsolicited comments from internet trolls, mommy-shamers, or any type of hater, really. I warn any individual who has a negative comment (not to be confused with constructive criticism) for the Cravings author and businesswoman to proceed with caution. If you dish out hate, you'll receive a healthy dose of Teigen's signature cocktail of wit and sass served on a platter. Her Twitter bio isn't "de-motivational speaker" for nothing. You'll totally know what I mean when you read these nine Chrissy Teigen clapbacks. They really put haters in their place.

To give you some perspective, Teigen's been shamed for doing the most normal things, including feeding her children fresh fruit. Like, she can't even feed her kids FRUIT, y'all! Anyway, via Teigen's food website Cravings, she shared her children's breakfast menu which included fresh berries. Then the critical comments came pouring in, including one where some one said she was out of touch. Of course, Teigen clapbacked. "Over f*cking BERRIES, and I say I want to leave the internet. And I am the one attacking. Amazing."

This is just one example of Teigen calling out the haters when she sees it. Here are 9 more.

1. Quality Time Clapback

Eight days after delivering Luna on April 14, 2016, Teigen and her husband John Legend stepped out for dinner. A user aiming to passive-aggressively shame Teigen for being out with her hubby rather than inside with her baby tweeted, "How's baby Luna?"

Teigen brilliantly replied, "i dunno i can't find her."

P.S. Her husband weighed in on May 16, 2016, tweeting he'd gladly accept a helping of Teigen's shame since it seems like backlash is never aimed at fathers.

2. No Backhanded Compliments Allowed

In honor of the 2018 Grammy Awards, Teigen posted a throwback photo of herself and Legend at the 2008 award show on Instagram.

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"Grammys 2008. 10 years ago. This tan!!! Lmao," Teigen captioned the throwback photo.

One bold user decided to insert a backhanded compliment in the comments section, writing, "Wow so stunning here!! Before the boobies and fillers, so natural and stunning. You both still look great."

Teigen didn't stand for it and fired back, "Boobies and fillers? F*ck off with your backhanded sh*t. 2 babies and 10 years. Bye, b."

3. Jetlagged Jealousy

Somehow, somewhere, someone was once upset to see Teigen's photo of Legend and Luna jetlagged after an international flight. Teigen shared the adorable snap on Instagram and a hater shadily replied, "I didn't know you could get private jetlagged?"

Teigen snapped, writing, "A plane is a plane, what do you think it's a time machine." LOL.

4. Wine Worries

Teigen is no stranger in the kitchen, besides owning a cooking website, she's released two successful cookbooks, Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat and Cravings: Hungry for More. Despite her expertise, one troll thought they knew what Teigen should and shouldn't be serving her daughter for dinner.

On April 22, 2018, Teigen shared a video of her latest dinner dish: red wine braised ribs. A user shamed Teigen for possibly serving it to Luna. "Did you give ur [sic] kid a food with red wine in it?" they wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

"Yeah she gets wasted and sleeps all through the night," Teigen hilariously shot back.

5. "Scroll on by..."

On July 7, 2018, Teigen shared a picture of herself on Instagram nursing her newborn Miles while Luna covered her with a towel. It was a cute photo of the model mid-mommy duty.

But one fan took issue with it. In a now-deleted tweet, they wrote, "Menstruating, childbirth and sex are natural, too, but that doesn't mean I want to see pics of it and/or celebrities like @chrissyteigen taking a bath or nursing. We get it."

Teigen replied, "I don’t care to see grainy fireworks, coachella selfies or infinity pool pics but i let people live. calm your t*ts and scroll on by."

6. Post-Baby Body Shaming Shutdown

Is there ever a "respectful" way to deliver a back-handed compliment? Apparently, one fan thought so when they tweeted a stunning photo of Teigen and Legend at the 2018 Emmy Awards and posed the question, "I’m asking this with the utmost respectful, but is @chrissyteigen pregnant again?"

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"I just had a baby but thank you for being soooo respectful," she quipped.

7. Save Your Beauty Advice

On Sept. 24, 2018, Teigen shared a snap from her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, and one user thought this was a great time to share an unsolicited beauty tip.

"You look beautiful but you should grow your hair long again," they wrote in a reply captured by CommentsByCelebs. "Girls with round faces should not have short hair like that. It makes your face look huge. Been there….believe me….LONG HAIR."

Teigen gave them her usual clapback treatment, writing: "honestly wow thank you because when I wake up each morning I wonder what @bcnjw would do and then I try to make her happy so this was a mistake on my part."

8. Cover Shoot Criticism

Teigen graced the cover of Glamour's Women Of The Year December 2018 issue in a beautiful, chunky, knit sweater. The difference threw off a criticizer, who decided to call the cover "awful."

"This photo of you is quite frankly, awful. At first glance I didn’t recognize you," they tweeted. "I know you don’t give a damn, but girl if you’re going to be magazine cover material, make it worth it."

Teigen thanked her for the advice, but not without adding her signature touch of wit and sass.

"Thank you, Heidi," she began. "In the future I will try harder to be the best cover model. if you could please send me specific tips and tricks (or past covers you've shot for reference!) that would be so awesome."

9. Bottle-Feeding Issues

Legend shared a touching photo of his family backstage at NBC's The Voice in November 2018. Luna and her grandmother were playing on the phone while Teigen bottle-fed Miles next to them. A mommy-shamer found an issue with it, and asked, "You no longer breastfeed?"

Teigen cheekily fired back: "John never breastfed Miles."

Catch the exchange on CommentsByCelebs.

Teigen 9. Haters 0.