9 Amazing Things About Having All Brothers That Make You One Lucky Sis

Growing up with all brothers meant you always had someone to play video games with, someone to sneak all the good snacks from the top of the cupboard for you, a protector on the playground, and whenever something went wrong, you could just bat your eyelashes sweetly and blame it on them. (Oops.) You were living the dream, but those benefits of having all brothers didn't stop the minute you moved out of the house and became a grown-up. You still consider yourself one lucky sis, because you always have your brothers there to make you feel so special.

As the only girl among all the boys, you were treated like a princess since day one. You always felt safe and protected having your go-to guys around, but they also toughened you up. That mix of confidence and strength is something you take into adulthood and use like a pro. You have that brother-sister dynamic to thank for that, and you really wouldn't trade your siblings for the world.

These nine things made you sublimely #blessed above the rest. They're some of the main reasons why you love your brothers endlessly, and why they will forever hold a special place in your heart.

They Always Have Your Back
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You know that no matter the distance, you can always count on your brothers to protect you. As a kid, if someone gave you a hard time on the playground or stole your crayons, your brothers were there to have your back. Even to this day, you know you can handle anything, because your have your brothers there to back you up.

They Treat You Like A True Gem

You are the sister amongst a crew of brothers. At times they might tease you (all in good fun), but you always end up getting the special treatment. You are their sis, after all — aka, the princess of the family.

They're Brutally Honest About Anyone You Date

Your brothers are always watching out for you. You can expect them to be brutally honest about what they think of the person you're dating. You appreciate the fact that you can be so honest with each other. And at the end of the day, your brothers' opinions are what matter the most.

They Make It Known To A New Bae To Never Break Your Heart
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It may be embarrassing at first, but you love having your brothers there to remind any new bae to never break your heart. Of course, you shouldn't have to remind anyone, but it's nice to have that added security for your heart, and know your brothers genuinely care so much.

They Made You Stronger
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Growing up, your brothers might have made you a stronger person. You had to hold your own if they teamed up against you, and it caused you to rise to the occasion. Now, you are an unstoppable force for pretty much anything adulthood throws your way.

They're Always Down To Play Games And Have Fun

You were lucky enough to always have someone to play with. Whether it was Mario Kart, touch football, or riding scooters around the neighborhood, you knew you always had (and still do have) someone who's down for fun.

You're Upfront About What You Want
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A majority of the time, your brothers just tell it like it is without any filter. That energy made you better about asking for what you want, and you learned how to stand your ground.

You Can Really Relate To Your Guy Friends
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Being surrounded by guys for most of your life prepped you to be a good friend to the guys in your life. You might understand them a little better than someone who grew up with all sisters.

You Get To Borrow Their Cozy Sweaters

Sisters may brag all day about being able to share each other's clothes, but you also got to borrow from your brothers' closets. Instead of dresses for Friday night, you had your pick of comfy sweaters and the coziest hoodies around. To this day, you may promise to give it back, but it really is the most comfortable sweater you've ever worn, so may take some time. (Sorry, bro.)