9 Benefits Of Having "Your People" To Go Through Life With & Not Just Your Person

Making friends should never be a competition with the next person. But, if you're a member of a close-knit group of people that's embedded with loyalty, trust, and ride or dies, you aren't overlooking your blessing in disguise. You might think having your person is already a stretch of your expectations of what the world's going to hand you in the platonic department, but think bigger. Looking around at your people, you already know the benefits of having a friend group, because you're receiving the perks all of the time.

No one is sleeping on the benefits of having a person — but having a group of your people in your corner is an irreplaceable experience. Your squad of is made up of unique personalities, but you all have a shared interest of friendship on your agenda. Everyone contributes in their own way, and that's how a solid, multi-dynamic bond is formed. That type of love is unbreakable. Think about Scooby-Doo's gang — they were so unified that they could even solve crimes together. Now, you all may not have a Great Dane in the crew, but you still know the iconic benefits of living life surrounded by your favorite humans.

Someone ALWAYS Has Your Back

When you have a close-knit group of friends, someone is always there for you. Confiding in one person is fine, but when you need them there and they can't be, it really sucks. In a solid group of friends, you're able to utilize everyone. One person can't be there? You have a few other people who can fill in.

You Have Endless Sources Of Advice

Of course, you deem anyone you trust to give you good advice, but wouldn't it be nice to have more? Your group of friends is different from one person to the next, and this allows them to give you advice from multiple unique perspectives. Talking to more than one person will make you realize that you may not have thought about the situation in that sense.

You Get To Expose Yourself To Different Personalities All The Time

Being around multiple personalities frequently might sound exhausting — but it makes you a pretty eclectic and diverse group of peeps. You know and learn quickly that being unique is what makes people so very special. In fact, it's those differences that make your group thrive.

Need Support? You Basically Have A Cheer Team

Don't even get me started on showing support. A big group of friends is not only going to show up, but they are showing out as well. They will be the loudest people in the room cheering you on. Hyping you up is what they already do on the regular, so you can only imagine their effort when you assign them to do so.

You're Always Rolling Deep At Any Outing

Confidence is strolling up to an outing with all of your friends and claiming the night as your own. You feel fiercer with all of them around, and you don't mind that you all amount to a small crowd of people. The more the merrier, as far as your crew is concerned.

More Than One Person Actually Gets You On A Whole Other Level

It's super comforting to know that a group of people actually gets you. Your fears, dislikes, and celeb crushes are all known by more than you and one other person. Having a group of friends who genuinely know you helps you relax and allows you to continue down a road of naturally expressing yourself.

7.The Inside Jokes Are Off The Charts

Inside jokes can be anything from funny phrases, memes, videos, or pictures you guys circulate. Either way, you have a ton of them and are constantly making more whenever you guys are all together. Those inside jokes can get you through the worst days, and you have plenty backlogged.

You Know The True Meaning Of Family

Your large group of friends will teach you a lot of things, but mostly they'll show you that family doesn't always mean blood. Together you guys have built your own little tribe that looks out for each other no matter what. If that's not the true meaning of family, I don't know what is.

Holiday Gift Swaps And Ugly Sweater Parties Are The Best

Planning a gift exchange or an ugly holiday sweater party with a group of people you actually like? It's basically the best thing ever. Parties in general are dope with your group of friends because there are always good vibes circulating.

It doesn't matter how many friends you can count on your fingers, because their importance is immeasurable. Keep them close, despite how many of them there are.