8 Reasons Why One-On-One Time In A Big Friend Group Is So Important & Necessary

You and your crew roll deep, and each of you helps make up one of the coolest and most dynamic groups of all time. Regardless of how you all met, you take pride in your tribe. All of you are individuals, and everyone needs a little special TLC that boils down to one-on-one hangout sessions. To be honest, spending one-on-one time with friends who are part of your big crew is crucial to how you all function together.

Hanging out with just one of your friends every once in awhile doesn't mean you are rejecting the amazing feels the whole group gives you. You're not taking a break from chaos, but tending to one of the many lovely parts that make up your big group. Each piece is so special and important. There's no better way to discover that than by getting in some one-on-one time with them.

Together, you are all solid, and that's mostly because you bond with each one of your friends separately. That's the luxury of having a reliable, big group of friends. Despite common belief, that quality time you dedicate to each friend individually sometimes, is a prime contributor to why you all function so well together.

No One Ever Feels Left Out

It' not easy trying to navigate around a big group, and likely, someone is bound to feel left out. When you guys make it a point to link up one-on-one outside of the group, everyone gets their special time. No one ever feels taken for granted, and the good vibes keep on prevailing.

It Gives You A Chance To Chit-Chat More Intently

Of course, you can always talk to anyone in your big group, but when you're all together, it is fun and mayhem. When you get a chance to talk to each other one at a time, you feel more secure in the group. And even if you didn't voice what you said to everyone at once, you value the idea that you can still be listened to.

You Get To See A Different Side Of Your Friend

You're not being fake or anything if you act a tad differently when you aren't in a huge group of friends. Maybe you love immersing yourself in some chill hobbies in your solo time, like crocheting or painting. Getting to know your friend outside of the group setting will give you the opportunity to really get to know them and their interests.

It Allows Everyone To Cherish Varying Memories Of Each Other

You'll always have those unreal memories that you experience as a group. Having little memories of each other in different situations will be another strengthening factor to your friendships. Also, bringing up those "remember that one time" moments within the group will further promote that one-on-one time.

It's Comforting As Hell

Most people would assume that a large group of friends should automatically make you feel comfortable. It does, but when you can snag some one-on-one bonding time, you feel way more secure in your group of friends.

You Learn To Value Each Other Even More

You adore your group of friends. No two people are the same, and hanging out with all of them separately further reminds you of just that. Each person is a decorative piece that makes up the beautiful masterpiece that is your friendship. Together or apart, there's never really a dull moment to be had.

Your Big Crew Grows Stronger

You guys are strong together, because you are also reliable and strong apart. When you're paired up and doing your one-on-one thing, you guys will always represent the bigger picture — which is your dope as hell group of friends.

You and your big group of friends are grateful to have each other. Every single one of you brings so much to the power team.