8 Women Reveal The Worst Sex They've Ever Had, So Prepare To Cringe

Despite your wildest and most sexually satisfying dreams, the unfortunate truth is that not all sex is created equal. On one hand, reading stories where women reveal the worst sex they've ever had can feel about as cringe-worthy as it gets — but then again, it's also kind of comforting to know that almost everyone has had at least one less-than-great experience in the boudoir. Even though having bad sex can be frustrating at times, at the very least, sexual experiences that leave something to be desired can be an opportunity to figure out what does (and doesn't) turn you on.

Another important thing to realize is that what constitutes as "good" and "bad" sex can be subjective. Sure, there are certain things most ladies would agree are far from ideal, like when someone isn't willing to put in the work required to help their partner orgasm. But other times, no matter how promising things start off, the encounter just misses the mark. There's some sex, however, that goes far beyond meh and gets crowned as "the worst sex ever." According to the ladies of Reddit — who are never afraid to keep it real — here's some of the worst sex they've ever had. Spoiler alert: It's rough.

Sometimes One Beer Is Too Many
All he had in his apartment was 2 lawn chairs and a half inflated air mattress. Then he couldn't even stay hard and kept blaming it on the fact that he had been drinking. He had only had a single beer!


Sometimes Song Choice And Uncontrollable Tears Are To Blame
The worst is a tie between one guy who lost his erection and burst into tears mid-sex because he couldn't get over the fact that I'd had sex with people before him or the boyfriend who thought it was a good idea to play Africa by Toto on repeat for the entire duration of the act. I still can't hear that song without experiencing a full-body cringe.


Sometimes Things Get A Bit Too Wet
I was as dry as a cork and nothing seemed to change that, so I got the bright idea of pouring a bottle of water on my crotch and ended up messing up the bed.


Sometimes Sparks Fly In The Absolute Worst Way
Probably the time that I was using a Magic Wand on a partner and, unbeknownst to me, the cord had a bit of a fray on it. I had some lube on my hands, and apparently that was enough to create a circuit between the wand and ground, with me in the middle. It knocked me out so much that I still don't remember about a minute of my life.


Sometimes They Decide To Take A Call From Mom
I was giving him a blowjob and his mum kept phoning him. It was clearly distressing him that I wasn't letting up so he could answer, so he answered anyway. He was worried it was urgent because she kept calling. :| She was just phoning to ask him what he was doing... She knew he was with me. After he hung up he asked if I would continue.


Sometimes You Just Need Some Air
With my ex bf. I'm a pretty small person (5'0 and 95lbs) and he is big, plus had gained weight (6'3 and 250lbs). He was on top of me and refusing to use his arms to support his upper body, causing him to rest his entire chest weight on me. I kept telling him to prop himself up, but he kept saying his arms were tired. I was basically suffocating. I started wheezing very loudly and needed my emergency inhaler. To make things worse, he got mad at me for "ruining the moment"


I was going through some lonely times way back, so I met up with a guy I met on [a dating app]. We're having sex, and half way through he goes soft. This resulted in him literally punching and slapping his limp d*ck, whilst giving it a 'telling of[f]'.


A 'Concentrated Sponge Bath' Is Never Fun
I laid there as he squished his limp d*ck against my *ss for like 15 minutes. the sensation I can only describe as the world's weirdest and most concentrated sponge bath. He eventually asked why I wasn't reacting and I told him he wasn't in. He asked why I didn't say anything and i was just like ''idk you seemed so enthusiastic'' and he huffed, rolled off, and went to sleep.


As you can see, the specific elements that make a sexual experience less than great really do run the gamut. Regardless, there's no reason anyone should have to deal with intimacy that isn't satisfying. So if want to cut a sexual partner loose, don't be afraid to say thank u, next.