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These 8 Wine Slushie Recipes For Your 'Bachelorette' Watch Night Are Rosé-Worthy

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Long gone are the days of only enjoying wine right out of the bottle. Now, you can get creative with your red or white, and enjoy these wine slushie recipes on YouTube that are so easy to make. All it takes is frozen fruit, your favorite bottle, and a blender to mix it all together. It's that simple, so start blending up some beautiful drinks that will taste yummy and look amazing on your Instagram feed.

Switch up your next wine and paint night with your besties, and enjoy ice cold wine slushies instead of a bottle of rosé. The same goes for your Bachelorette or Bachelor watch party. Rather than uncorking and pouring a bottle of merlot, mix up a batch of sangria slushies that are so worthy of a rose.

The best part about wine slushies is that once you find your go-to recipe, you can be creative with your own. Mix together your favorite fruits and a bottle of wine for a signature drink, then come up with a name that's fit for the occasion. Be sure to record yourself preparing the recipe for a fun Instagram Reel, and maybe you'll inspire someone else to become a wine slushie lover as well. Don't forget to add vibrant garnishes like edible flowers and pretty straws to your drinks to complete this Instagram moment.

This Frosé Wine Slushie

The OG wine slushie you're likely familiar with is the frosé — aka frozen rosé. This recipe mixes in lemon juice and fresh strawberries to give it a fruity taste. Serve your pink drink with sliced strawberries and edible rose petals to make it picture-perfect.

This Peach Moscato Wine Slushie

This peach moscato slushie only requires three ingredients: frozen peaches, moscato, and sugar. The combination results in a sweet slushie that's undeniably perfect for a post-dinner treat. Enjoy it in your backyard with bae while watching the sunset, and be sure to snap a pic clinking your glasses against the pink and orange sky.

This Mango And Tangerine Wine Slushie

Trade in your go-to mimosa for this mango and tangerine wine slushie. Preparing it with a sparkling wine will give it a citrus and bubbly taste you'll love. Blend a whole pitcher for a garden brunch with your roommates so you can serve bottomless wine slushies.

This Strawberry And Peach Wine Slushie

The color blend of this strawberry and peach wine slushie will instantly brighten up your Insta feed. Not only is it gorgeous, but it's so easy to prepare with just three simple ingredients. Post a pic of your slushie with a punny caption like, "This drink's got a peach of my heart."

This Tropical Wine Slushie

Create a tropical state of mind with this wine slushie that combines pineapple, mango, and peaches. No matter what time of year it is, so long as you have this drink by your side, you'll feel as though you're relaxing poolside or chilling in the sand. Add a cocktail drink umbrella to each glass for a tiki bar vibe.

This Raspberry Red Wine Slushie

Calling all red wine lovers: This raspberry red wine slushie is the sip for you. Mix frozen raspberries with your fave bottle of red to achieve this tasty drink. It's a great treat to serve at your next reality TV watch party with your best friends. And don't forget a scrumptious charcuterie board for added appeal and tastiness.

This Watermelon Rosé Sangria Slushie

If you're looking for a drink that combines your favorite summertime flavors, look no further. This tutorial spotlights a watermelon rosé sangria slushie. You might be saying, "You had me at rosé," and this slushie lives up to the hype. Not only is it delicious, but it's a divine dark pink color.

This Minty Mixed Berry Wine Slushie

For a refreshing sip, try this minty mixed berry wine slushie. The mint really adds a flavor kick that's the ultimate complement to the fruit. Serve it in cute mason jars to switch things up for backyard porch sippin'.