8 Videos Of Billie Dancing That Prove Her Talent Goes Way Beyond Singing

Jim Dyson/Redferns/Getty Images

Billie Eilish has the voice of angel, but her musical talents go beyond her vocals. A few years ago, the star received professional dance lessons to bring some of her songs to life, and, while she doesn't practice contemporary dance anymore, Eilish has learned to express herself all on her own. In fact, Eilish loves freestyling so much, she even dances video games' background music. Eilish's confident attitude is just one of the reasons why fans admire her so much. To see exactly how far Eilish's dance skills go, check out these eight videos of Billie Eilish dancing over the years.

If you didn't know, Eilish's launch into the music scene actually happened accidentally. According to Teen Vogue, the singer recorded "Ocean Eyes" with her brother Finneas so her dance teacher could choreograph a routine to it. The duo uploaded the song to SoundCloud so their teacher could access it, but they had no idea how many people it would eventually reach. Now, Eilish and Finneas are some of the biggest stars in the music industry, with millions of fans listening to their songs around the globe.

Now that Eilish has made a name for herself as a singer, some fans may believe her dancing days are over, but that's not the case. The star always incorporates a bit of choreography in each of her performances, even if it's just a simple routine. "Like music, dance has always been my passion — a way to express how I feel," Eilish told i-D Magazine in 2016.

The videos below show Eilish has just as much love for dance than ever before.

1. Practicing at her old dance studio

Get ready for a throwback, because this clip shows Eilish as a young teen dancing along to a montage of fierce hits, including Missy Elliott's "Work It." Although the video features various dancers, fans won't have any trouble spotting Eilish among them. Spoiler alert: she's the one wearing a black hoodie and with her hair dyed white.

2. Dancing to "Ocean Eyes"

"Ocean Eyes" is the song that made Eilish an overnight success. As her dance teacher was the one who inspired the creation of the song, it only made sense she asked him to choreograph her "Ocean Eyes" dance video.

3. Dancing with Finneas to "My Boy"

To go along with the song's infectious beat, Eilish freestyles a few moves every time she performs "My Boy." The best part is, she and Finneas have a little dance solo near the middle of the song, and you can watch it near the 1:36 mark in the video below.

4. Dancing backstage at Lollapalooza

Even when there's no music playing, fans can count on Eilish to flaunt her dance moves on the fly. Since the video below was taken behind the scenes at Lollapalooza, it seems dancing is one of Eilish's favorite ways to pass some time while waiting to perform on stage.

5. Dancing to "Bad Guy"

Every time Eilish performs "Bad Guy," she gets fans hyped by completely letting loose. For example, Eilish's dance in her "Bad Guy" music video involves her tiptoeing, tumbling around on the ground, and flailing her arms around. She always seems to have so much fun you can't help not dancing along, too.

6. Dancing to the Wii theme song

Everyone who ever owned a Wii is familiar with that tune. You know, the one that plays in the background of the Mii channel. Apparently, Eilish loves the beat so much she even jams out to it at her concerts in front of fans.

7. Dancing to "Bad Guy" on SNL

For her gravity-defying Saturday Night Live debut, Eilish paid tribute to Fred Astaire's iconic 1951 film Royal Wedding, which involves a scene of the star dancing on the walls and ceiling of a house. With a bit of practice, Eilish was able to pull of a similar stunt to give one breathtaking performance.

8. Dancing "Bad Guy" with fans

In 2019, the team behind the Just Dance video game franchise worked with Eilish to create official choreography for "Bad Guy." As her fans danced to the track oblivious to Eilish's presence behind them, the singer performed with them, too.

Eilish's dance skills aren't talked about enough, but hopefully, after watching these clips, fans will be more appreciative of the star's diverse range of artistic abilities.