8 Unique Gift Ideas For Your Friend Who DGAF What Anyone Thinks

All friends are gems, but some are a little more rough around the edges (and we wouldn't have them any other way). We all have the friend who has no filter at all, is hilariously sassy, and literally does not give a f*ck. You may even be that friend. (I know I am.) So for the holidays, they deserve a present that will match their awesome amount of attitude — and we came up with the most unique gift ideas for your friend who, simply put, DGAF about what anyone thinks.

If they don't mind walking around with curse words on their chest or sipping out of a mug that may make your grandma blush, the Internet is the perfect place for this year's holiday shopping. Long gone are the days where we could buy a simple T-shirt and have that be enough. As adults, we have our opinions, and we are more than happy to share them with the world. And besides, your bestie deserves something unique and extraordinary — just like her.

Forgo their Christmas or Hanukkah list this year, because you can get something that really speaks to their soul (literally). Help them express their inner selves with any of these eight great (and highly useful) gifts.

The Swear Mug

F*ck Off, Hi Mug, $12, Etsy

For an item that combines your friend's love of swear words, but also their humor and appreciation of coffee, this mug is the way to go. A little F-bomb can go a long way with this one. Plus, it's a great way to start the mornings.

The Classy "F*ck" Ring

F*ck handmade wired rings, $9, Etsy

Super delicate, cute AF, and had my favorite F-word? Sign me up! For the friend who wants to be cute about their swearing habit, this gem of a present is the way to go.

Middle Finger Up Cap

Middle Finger Baseball Hat, $16, Etsy

To give every f*ckboi a "bye" on a daily basis, this hat will absolutely do the trick. It's minimalist, and also has the correct amount of sass, thanks very much.

Your friend will love rockin' this cap with her fave pair of jeans and a T-shirt. We're seriously here for it.

A Shameless "F*ck You" Shirt

Shameless Shirt, $10+, Etsy

The Gallagher clan that hails from Chicago and graces our screens every Sunday on Shameless is never short on profanities. Lip Gallagher is no different, he just likes to wear his heart on his sleeve (or front and center, in this case). Gift this to your Shameless-obsessed friend who loves to swear almost as much as they love Lip.

IDGAF Phone Case

IDGAF Phone Case, $27, Redbubble

Sometimes, you just need to remind the world you literally give zero f*cks. This phone case holds your IDGAF attitude on display for just those occasions.

A Cute, Sneaky Fox Mug

Unique 0 Fox Given Mug, $14+, Etsy

For the friend who may not give a care in the world, but may not want to outwardly have F-bombs on their shirt or their daily mug, this is a great compromise. It's cute, it's useful, and it has a pun. What more could you ever want in a Christmas present?

The Wine Glass That Reads Your Mind
Jac Vanek

F*ck This Sh*t Wine Glass, $18, Jac Vanek

Jac Vanek is the perfect place to search for items dripping with attitude, and this wine glass is no different. It's 5 o'clock all the time with this little treasure. All you'll need to complete this gift is your friend's favorite bottle of wine.

A Statement Candle For Every F*cking Ocassion

Queen of F*cking Everything Candle, $8+, Etsy

Does your friend love candles and love to swear? Does she also think she's the queen of everyone's life? This is the jackpot for your main girl. And the best part about it? You can customize how you want it to smell from a list of over dozens of scents. Your friend will be beyond #blessed with this present.