11 Punny Gift Ideas For The Friend Who Needs To Wrap Up The Shtick Already

by Caroline Burke

There are two types of people in this world: those who want to live in a society littered with puns, and those who groan at word play in all its forms. For the pun-lovers in your life, holiday gift-giving actually couldn't be any easier. There are a wealth of punny gift ideas for the friend in your life who can't get enough knee-slappers during the holiday season, or any time of year, for that matter.

The internet provides immeasurable value in matters of academia, technological advancement, and the general spread of useful, interesting facts. But it's also just plain great for word play. There's an endless reservoir of punny gift products and ideas to peruse on the World Wide Web, and almost all of these gifts will ring in pretty cheap.

The challenge is finding puns that haven't already been entirely run into the ground. Finding new forms of word play can be tough, but luckily for us, there are full Etsy stores that seem all but dedicated to the cause of providing new and hysterical forms of word play to satisfy even the pun-savvy friend in your life. From tote bags to baby apparel to silverware, there's a piece of word play for every person in your life. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

A Tote-ally Perfect Bag

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese Tote Bag, $11, Zazzle

This bag packs in a double whammy of a pun, in case one bout of word play simply isn't enough. Plus, it's useful in everyday life, which is always the best kind of gift. Your friend can show it off in the grocery store checkout line while actually buying brie, which is meta in the best way possible.

For Fox Sake
Mug Love

Oh! For Fox Sake Coffee Mug, $16, Zazzle

There's nothing better than a faux swear word, am I right? Give this to the friend who seems to be constantly apologizing for swearing in front of children or while leaving church. Or just give it to someone who loves foxes, because hey, why not?

Bra-mazing Support System
Oh Deer

Support Bras Mug, $12, Ohh Deer

Everyone needs a good support system, from the inside out. Give this to your mentor, your best friend, or your feminist girl crush. When you have a supportive bra and a supportive friend, you can take on the world.

The Purrfect T-Shirt
Point Liberation

Purrito Tee, $28, Print Liberation

OK, this one's just plain awesome, and I don't think I need to explain why. Give this shirt to literally anyone, and then buy an extra one for yourself, because a cat wrapped up in a burrito roll is f*cking hysterical.

Can't Wait To Al-Pack-A Lunch For Work

KatieAbeyDesign Alpaca Bag, $10, Etsy

Alpacas are a fantastically random animal, and this particular one looks like it has crossed eyes, which makes the whole gift that much more amusing. Get this tote for the workaholic in your life, because look at that little tiny alpaca briefcase! Have you ever seen anything cuter?

For The Whisk-Takers In Your Life
Urban Outfitters

6-Oz Graphic Flask, $18, Urban Outfitters

If you ask me, every 20-something should have a flask handy at all times, because let's be real, cocktails are expensive, and we can't just run around buying old fashioned's left and right (I tried, and bad things happened). Urban Outfitters has a range of amazing flasks to choose from, but this one is especially punny and awesome.

Fry Wear Anything Else?

ilootpaperie T.G.I. Fryday Tank, $28, Etsy

First of all, who doesn't love french fries? And secondly, who doesn't look forward to Friday every week? This pun is simple, and yet it speaks so much truth. And the shirt looks comfy AF, so it's a total win all-around.

Breakin' Farts Since Birth
Heather Buchanon

HeatherBuchanan Fart Breaker Enamel Pin, $8, Etsy

A punny pin is a great present for a gift swap at work or a price-capped Secret Santa exchange with friends. Grab this pin for your edgy friend who works in radio, or just for anyone who complains about not having enough decorations on their bags.

All That And Dim Sum

BadPickleTees I'm All That And Dim Sum Onesie, $14, Etsy

IMHO every baby should be covered in puns from head to toe until he or she is old enough to say otherwise. This dim sum onesie will make the cute lil chub in your life that much cuter and chubbier, because babies are basically really cute, human versions of dim sum, right?

An Egg-specially Amazing Play On Words

A2DCreations Funny Song Lyric Tea Towels, $17, Etsy

A little known fact of adulthood is that you can never have too many dishtowels. This set will look perfect in any kitchen, regardless of the color scheme or decor, and it's an especially funny gift for the vegan in your life — as long as they have a sense of humor.

Cereal Killers Can Be Cute, Too
This Is Why I'm Broke

Cereal Killer Spoon, $16, ThisIsWhyImBroke

Cereal killer — get it?! Like, you're a serial killer, and you're eating cereal alive. OK, sorry, I just can't get over how funny this spoon is, and I'm ordering one for every single person in my life, and then at least a dozen more for my own kitchen.