8 Tiny Little Details That Nobody Tells You About Being In A Relationship

Having a boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever has many unexpected life bonuses. For one, you get to "do life together" (shout out to that incredible March Madness bracket about Instagram engagement captions), which entails, you know, doing stuff with someone. For the introverts out there, I know simply spending time with another person isn't always a draw, so I put together a list of unexpected pros, and really minor cons about things that happen in a relationship.

These things may differ from the kind of relationship you have with your friends and family – so when entering a romantic relationship, you might not really know to expect these details. But a lot of navigating a relationship is figuring out what works for you – what makes the relationship strong, and adjusting along the way. I know one of the things I love in relationships is my partner surprising me. From them showing up after a class I had just to say hi before I had to go to my next class, or learning my favorite One Direction song on the piano, sometimes it's the ~little things~ that mean the most.

Sending "good morning" and "good night" texts are sort of a thing.

Waking up to sweet little morning texts from your significant other or saying good night before you hit the hay is a nice little relationship perk that people don't really tell you about.

You'll probably want to keep makeup remover wipes at their place.

For those late-night sleepovers, having makeup remover wipes at your partner's place is a clean-face necessity. Going to sleep with makeup on is something you should never do – acne and clogged pores no thank you – and stocking remover wipes at your SO's digs is the best way to be prepared. Bonus points to partners already have makeup remover wipes. And more points to SOs that wipe off their partner's makeup for them if they fall asleep early. That cute stuff is what I live for.

And a toothbrush.

Sharing blankets is cute but sharing toothbrushes is an unsanitary nasty disaster. Avoid the grossness by leaving your own extra toothbrush at their place so your pearly whites can have their own brush to rely on, at your place and at theirs.

You'll be weirdly taking their clothes cause it smells like them.

While your SO is at work, class, or away on a trip or something, it's nice to wear their sweatshirt that has their smell all over. It's comforting, and you'll feel like they're nearby even if miles away.

Your Instagram follower count will go up because you're meeting all their friends.

Besides the bonus of, you know, getting more friends, there is that extra perk of maybe hitting your next Instagram milestone. More followers prob means more likes, which means you'll look even cooler on your online presence. Priorities, y'all.

You’re on your schedule *and* theirs to catch up on your shared favorite shows.

OK, so this is less of a perk and more of an unexpected annoyance. Beside finding the free time in your schedule to watch that new episode of Game of Thrones or Scandal (it's almost over, my HEART), you now have to account for another person's schedule who you're... supposed to wait for to watch.

Reaching the delivery order minimum is way easier.

Postmates, UberEats, Seamless – whatever you use, those pesky little delivery minimums are much easier to surpass when you're ordering for two. Forget about stressing ordering extra just to keep yourself comfy at home, and order exactly what you want, nothing more, nothing less.

You pick up on their cues, almost like a secret language.

"Like, no one tells you that you basically form your own secret language – from certain gestures or even the way your partners sits or breathes, you can tell their mood or what they're trying to get from you (most of the time it's attention, or food...)," Marilyn, 24, tells Elite Daily.

So go ahead and enjoy the little extra things you get from being in a relationship. My single *ss over here will take solace in the two bucks I'm saving on the extra toothbrush.

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