8 Things You Never Have To Apologize To Your Best Friend For

Honesty — it's one of the main qualities in a BFF friendship. You can't call anyone your bestie without having complete trust in this person. (And I'm not talking about solely sharing your deepest darkest secrets with them.) You two keep it real at all times, and that's why there are things you don't have to apologize for in a best friendship.

Having a BFF is one of the greatest gifts. You can say absolutely anything to them without feeling judged, and your honest emotions don't have to be tailored. Your BFF definitely expects the same in return.

You've learned more than once that you can't say everything you say to your BFF to other people. She gets you like no other, and she loves all of your quirks. She's more than the real MVP, and you wouldn't know what you'd do without her.

You'll apologize for things throughout your life, but a lot of those apologies won't be to your BFF. I know, such a relief. This doesn't mean you are off the hook for never having to apologize to her, though. You'll know when you have to, but for now, feel lucky that you never, ever have to apologize for these eight things in your bestie friendship.

When You're Blunt, But Honest

Stating the truth to your BFF should be second-nature to you. It's never sugarcoated, and you don't feel the urge to say sorry afterwards. Your bestie needs to hear it, and she respects your honest opinion and advice.

When You Borrow Something For Longer Than Expected

Let's be honest: raiding your best friend's closet is one of the perks of your friendship. Sure, you've had those stilettos since that bougie NYE rooftop party, but it's not a big deal. You two swap things for months at a time and return them to each other's closets at your own pace.

When You Call Her At An Ungodly Hour

Having a BFF means you basically sign up for those 2 a.m. calls that are so urgent. Maybe she had a cringe-worthy date or a seriously on-point dream. Either way, you know her ringtone when she calls, and you don't hesitate to answer. You can wipe that little bit of drool from your phone when you aren't half asleep.

When You Haven't Talked In A Couple Of Days

Best friends are constants in each other's lives, but that doesn't mean you have to talk every single day in order to stay close. You don't question your friendship because you haven't received a text or a call from your BFF. When you two finally do talk, you pick up right where you left off, and there are no hard feelings. You know you can always reach out if you need her.

When You're Not Interested In Someone She Set You Up With

It sucks when someone you know so well introduces you to an "eligible" person to date, but it doesn't work out. You don't feel the need to apologize, though, because your BFF has likely received all of the specifics about why things didn't click. If anything, she's already on the hunt for another potential bae, or respects your decision to pioneer your own dating life.

When You Text Her Because You're Bored

Have you ever noticed how some people get offended if you text them and outright state you are bored? Luckily, your best friend doesn't have that way of thinking. If you text her and tell her you're bored, expect an exchange of GIFs depicting boredom or funny videos to entertain you. She always comes through like a boss.

When You Invite Her Over And Your Place Is A Mess

Your best friend is like family. You don't feel the need to impress them all of the time. Yeah, your place is a mess, but that Netflix series isn't going to watch itself, is it?

When You Photobomb Her Selfies, Just Because

You know when someone's in pure selfie mode, they mean serious business. Some people absolutely hate getting photobombed, because they finally reached that perfect pose and lighting only for it to be ruined by a random face that's not supposed to be there. Your BFF doesn't sweat it, because they will more than likely get you back. Revenge is almost as sweet as your friendship in that regard.

Apologies can be agonizing, but they prove that you take accountability for your actions. If you're ever slacking in the apology department, your BFF will be the first tell you.