8 Bizarre Things Sisters Are Willing To Do For Each Other

If you have a sister, you know that she is basically your confidant, partner in crime, and best friend all in one. We need our sisters to combat this crazy world and to get incredibly weird with us when we are just trying to figure out this whole adulting thing. All of the extremely relatable things you can do for your sister that you wouldn't do for anyone else are just a portion of what this amazing bond entails.

We don't get to choose our sisters, but we definitely decide how far we will go to be there for them in their time of need. Sometimes, these things aren't the most ethical or easiest to understand, but the only real explanation for doing them is that it's just a sister thing. There's an unspoken, almost involuntary, allegiance sisters have for each other, and if that means stepping into quirky town... then so be it.

I mean, many of these out-of-the-ordinary things you'd do for your sister turn out to be amazing stories. Who doesn't like a good story? Sisters are practically unbreakable, and it's mostly because we acknowledge how deep our respect runs when we partake in seemingly unorthodox behavior to help them out. Maybe the word "bizarre" is harsh, but sisters certainly wouldn't mind doing a few of these weird things for each other.

You Use Your Body As A Human Shield So She Doesn't See Her Ex
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Look, we don't like seeing our sisters hurt or relive any painful situation they are not over just yet. If this means that we have to immediately swing our entire bodies at the drop of a dime in public, then we will do it. Whiplash doesn't even phase us if it means we can block her from having to face a relationship wound that's still healing.

You Pretend To Be Her During A Convo She Doesn't Want To Have

Whether it's taking the wheel to an ongoing text conversation or a phone call where she's at a loss for words, as her sister, you don't have a problem stepping in. You've known the girl since before she could talk, so you probably have a good idea of the way she speaks to other people. Impersonating her is pretty easy.

You Bail Her Out Of Any Date She Isn't Enjoying

Maybe the two of you have a code word or heck, you're probably at the same place she's having the date. Either way, if she needs to get out of a date, you two have already devised a plan to make it so she's walking out of the door within a couple of minutes.

You Take On Black Ops Missions To Settle Her Suspicions

OK, maybe this isn't one of our proudest moments, but if you are going to physically do some snooping on someone, it might as well be for your sister. Also, it's not necessarily spying if you are in the same place as a person who checked in somewhere on Facebook, right? Regardless, as long as it's to give your sister some peace of mind, you are here for it.

You Role Play Potential Breakup Dialogue

The responsibilities of being a sister aren't always rainbows and butterflies. Helping her go over a potential breakup speech is definitely in the cards. Clearly, conversations like that can't be all willy-nilly, and our sisters are the perfect people to give us a genuine performance, review, and constructive criticism so that we're ready for the real thing.

You Upgrade Her Wardrobe With A Piece Of Clothing You're Already Wearing

Yes, this seems so weird, but no one wants their sister going out anywhere looking less up to par than they could. Is blue her color and you happen to be wearing the perfect blue shirt? Well, it's most likely coming off faster than Superman's turnaround time in a phone booth.

You Fake PMS Cramps At Work So You Can Be There For Her
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Hey, since we already unwillingly have to endure Mother Nature's wrath on our uterus every month, we are allowed to exaggerate when she has actually paid us a visit. Sometimes, our sisters really need us, and it takes a little white lie to get us out of work so that we can be there for her. She'd do the same for us.

You Taste Something She Already Said Was Gross So You Share The Disgust

This sounds so backwards, but the unpleasing face your sister made after she bit into something isn't always enough to understand her disgust. We are all in this together, right? Taking a bite is usually preceded by her repetitive, "You try it." This definitely isn't fun, but you can't let her share that discomfort alone.

Whether it's bizarre or unusual to people on the outside looking in, sisters will never stop being there for each other in any way possible. We value the way these outlandish things strengthen our bonds and redefine our meaning and understanding of sisterhood.