8 Women Reveal What They Wish They Knew Before Going On Spring Break With Bae

Planning a trip with a new partner is always a nerve-wracking experience, but spring break — also known as the only week of the year in which it's not only appropriate, but expected, that you'll be drunk 24/7 — comes with its own set of potential challenges and (literal) hiccups. If you're getting ready to take a trip with your new beau, here are a few things to know before going on spring break with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Honestly, I spent most of my spring vacations working or traveling with my family during college (v wild, v crazy!), so I never had a chance to experience the full folly and sloppiness of ~spring break~. But as someone with a proclivity for speaking in foreign accents and professing my love to strangers while drunk, it's probably best that I never took a crazy spring break trip, with a boyfriend or anyone else. That said, I have plenty of friends who did.

I chatted with eight women to find out what they wish they'd known before jetting off on a spring break adventure with their S.O. — from the danger of drunk arguments to how boring boys can be (read: very). Here's what they had to say.

You might get into fights that neither of you will remember.

Just know that drinking for extended periods of time with a guy you’ve only been dating for a little while can be really fun, but also really risky. You're definitely going to get drunk and fight about random stuff at the bar, then not remember it at all. Also, you might scare him when he finds you you drunk-eating Cheerios and playing Jenga alone at 2 a.m.

—Tori, 24

Taking a trip together doesn't necessarily mean your S.O. is committed.

During my freshman year, I spent my spring break traveling with my boyfriend to his hometown to meet his family. We had only been dating for four months at the time and it felt like a really grown-up, adult thing to do! I mean, we had to fly halfway across the country. I wish I had known that just because we took that step together didn't mean our relationship was rock-solid. Three weeks after we got back from that trip, he suggested we "take a break." I was blindsided and hurt, and I think I felt even worse because I had assumed he wouldn't take me home to meet his family if he didn't have really strong feelings for me.

—Hannah, 24

Boys can make boring travel buddies.

I wish I'd known that my boyfriend doesn't like to do much on vacation. He just likes to hang out and play video games or watch TV, but I like to explore and go shopping.

—Francis, 23

Or the trip could give your S.O. unrealistic expectations about how not boring you are.

It might give someone unrealistic expectations about your personality. On one spring break trip to Puerto Rico, I basically downed a bottle of wine for breakfast each morning and then (very dangerously!) scaled waterfalls and climbed mountains barefoot. So when we got back to school, my newish bae would always ask me out to bars and various events during the week, and I was like, 'LOL, I’m not that fun. I go crazy like twice a year. So, I’d prefer to be watching Netflix and eating cheddar rice cakes alone in bed every night this week than going to play drunk laser tag.' You know?

—Daniela*, 23

It can take your relationship from zero to 100 real quick.

I should have realized that going somewhere with a boy or girl you don't know really well forces you to get to know each other super quickly. Especially if you two go camping for spring break, and they have to slather every inch of you in calamine lotion...

—Alice, 24

Give your S.O. a head's up if you've got any crazy, drunk habits.

You should warn your boyfriend or girlfriend if you do weird things when drunk, like dance by yourself in a corner or start crying because he won't let you pet a raccoon. You know, hypothetically.

—Alexis*, 24

Definitely plan out your budget in advance.

I wish we'd worked out our financial plan beforehand, so we didn't have to have a really awkward conversation when we were on the vacation.

—Meredith*, 25

And try not to make it a family affair.

Don't take your first vacation on a family trip. The first time my boyfriend and I traveled together for spring break, we went to Cape Cod with his aunts and uncles, and they made him sleep on the couch instead of letting us share a bed. So.

—Rachel, 24

Now that you've been fully briefed, go and get your spring break on with bae, girl! Order an extra mojito for me.

*Names have been changed. Quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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