8 Things Every Girl Should Do With Her Mom When She's Officially A Grown-Up

All your life, you may have looked up to your mom. She could quite possibly be the coolest person in the world, and taught you everything you know about fashion, cooking, and just being an all-around #girlboss. Now that you're older (with money of your own), your relationship has changed a bit. In addition to being a great mom, she becomes a best friend. Now is the perfect time to share different kinds of memories with her. Here are some things every girl should do with her mom when she's a grown-up.

You and your mom have done so many things together, but being a grown-up means that it can be you treating her now instead of the other way around. Take her out for a spa day, hop in the car for a mini road trip, or even spend the night in cooking, drinking wine, and gossiping a little bit. Not only will the two of you have an amazing time together, but you'll also bond in a really special way that'll make your relationship stronger than it has ever been before.

And even though you're an adult and can take care of yourself, it's comforting to know that your mom is always there for you whenever you need her. You will always be there for her as well. Now that you're a grown-up, you can share so many amazing experiences together.

Treat Your Mom To A Spa Day
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You probably grew up with your mom taking you out for mani-pedis all the time, but now that you're an adult, it's time for you to start treating her. Switch it up and have her go for a facial or massage, and join her for the mani-pedi part.

Have A Night In To Cook And Drink Wine
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If one of your favorite things to do is stay in, cook a nice meal, and enjoy a couple of glasses of wine, chances are, your mom probably enjoys doing that, too. Next time you're thinking of having a night in, invite her over. You can split up the meal prep (she might have better dicing skills than you, anyway) and the bottle of merlot.

Go On A Shopping Adventure
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You may get your impeccable taste from your mom, or maybe she now gets it from you. It only makes sense that the two of you should go on a fun shopping adventure together. Not only will Mom help you pick out stuff that you look best in, but she's the best person to help you monitor how much money you're dropping while you're out.

Raid Each Other's Beauty And Jewelry Stashes
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You may have grown up idolizing your mom and sneaking into her bathroom to try out her beauty products or jewelry when she wasn't home. Now that you're a grown-up, you've built up your own collection of makeup and jewelry that your mom might admire. Have a day when the two of you can swap and trade things from each other's collections — you both just might find new looks you never would have thought to try.

Go On A Road Trip
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Whether it's spontaneous or planned, going on a road trip with your mom is a fun way to bond. You can blast all of your mutually favorite tunes, roll down the windows, and throw out your maps — just drive and see where the road takes you. (You might even end up on a Gilmore Girls-inspired trip to Harvard!)

Have Her Teach You How To Prepare Her Signature Dish
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Your mom could be the best cook you know, and now that you're an adult, you should probably try your hand in the kitchen, too. Have her teach you how to prepare her signature dish that you can make for every potluck you go to or party that you host. She'll be more than happy to share her wisdom with you, and you just may emerge a more culinarily proficient lady.

Plan A Trip Abroad
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Vacationing with your whole family or significant other can be really fun, but there's nothing quite like vacationing abroad with your mom. When it's just the two of you, you can go at your own pace and have a worry-free trip. (You already know you'll get a ton of cute mom and me pics for your Instagram feed.)

Plan A Staycation In Your New Stomping Ground
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As exciting as a vacation abroad sounds, you can also have a lot of fun with your mom without leaving the borders of your new stomping ground. Plan a little weekend-long staycation in your new city so the two of you can have some quiet time and enjoy each other's company, while you show her some of your favorite spots.