8 Telltale Signs You're The Cool Aunt In The Family, So Brag On

As much as you enjoy being the best sister ever to your siblings, you really love being an aunt to their kids. It's almost like you get to watch a little piece of your brother or sister grow up again, but this time, you're old enough to spoil the heck out of them. It's safe to say everyone knows you're the dopest aunt ever, and there are more than a few telltale signs you're the cool aunt in the family.

There's a lot that goes into being the top choice among your nieces and nephews. They are practically your kids, too (or at least your coworkers would think so, because you have a new picture of those munchkins to show off each week in the break room). What can you say? They're the cutest kids on the planet.

You also have to remember that kids are incredibly honest. They haven't quite comprehended how to lie, so when they say they love you and you're their favorite, you can't help but believe them. Being the cool aunt comes with some key responsibilities, though, and you'll have a lot to live up to, because disappointing your nieces and nephews is a no-no. Your "cool aunt" T-shirt says it all, but these eight signs are proof that you're not bluffing.

You Have Several Matching Outfits With Your Nieces And Nephews
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Matching clothes and shoes with your nieces and nephews is what you live for. If you weren't meant to match with them, why would they make your trendy shoes in their size, too? Your 'Gram is filled with the sweetest #twinning pics, and you would't have it any other way.

Your Nieces And Nephews Get Excited AF When You Enter The Room

Whenever you go to visit them, they drop everything they're doing, run to you, and immediately give you the biggest hug. You would think you were the ice cream man or that they haven't seen you in forever, but you were just there last week. Cool aunt duties are calling — but did you bring ice cream, though?

You Literally Have A Shirt That Says "Cool Aunt"

Let's be real: You ordered your "cool aunt" shirt the second you found out your sibling was expecting. You already knew you had what took to be the best aunt ever. Your shirt was just easiest way to spell it out for everyone.

Your Nieces And Nephews Come To You For Advice
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Your nieces and nephews have not only coined you as their favorite, but they also trust and value your advice. This is especially true if you became an aunt at a young age and can relate to your nieces and nephews when they hit those all-too-relatable teenage years. Your cool aunt door is always open.

Everyone Wants To Be In Your Car For Family Road Outings

Even if it's a short drive to the park or an afternoon cruise to the diner for milkshakes, everyone wants a seat in your car. You'd blame it on your amazing playlist, but you know the deal. Your cool aunt vibes are mighty strong.

Your Birthday And Holiday Gifts Are Highly Anticipated

You know your nieces and nephews like the back of your hand. Your gifts to them reflect just how much they mean to you. They know for a fact that you are going to top the gifts you got them last year.

You Get Called On A Ton

Is your niece being defiant or won't stop crying? You've gotten that call to bring back the peace to a household you don't even live in. Hearing your voice does the trick, and some would say you're a miracle worker with kids, but honestly, you're just a super cool aunt.

You Keep Up With The Trends

You and the word "outdated" would never be used in the same sentence. Whether it's the music or latest celebrity gossip, you keep up with the times. Your older nieces and nephews appreciate the fact that they can count on you to do the latest dance challenges with them.

You've been waiting to be an aunt ever since you knew you could be one. The hopes were high, but you've got this cool aunt thing down pat.