The 8 Sweetest Things Dad Will Always Do For You, Because He's Your Superhero

If someone asked you to describe your dad, words would hardly be enough to help you explain. From being incredibly loyal, understanding, and supportive, you could have a field day telling someone why your dad is hands-down the best guy in your life. And when it comes to his little girl? There's an endless list of sweet things dads do without asking for anything in return.

You're no longer his "little" girl per say, but your dad has been around for the diapers, pre-teen drama, exciting college years, and now full-blown adulthood. A big portion of his life and accomplishments are embedded with memories of raising you and watching you grow up.

As a daughter, you catch on quickly to the little things your dad has always done and still does for you. It's in his nature to give, without you really having to ask, and in a way, you rely on him for that selflessness. Sure, you're not insisting he give you a big push on the tire swing in your backyard anymore. OK, maybe not as often, but by habit and with so much love, you can count on your dad for these eight sweet things he will never stop doing.

Fix Anything Of Yours That's Broken

Remember when you broke your favorite toy and thought the world was coming to an end? Your dad swooped in, fixed it, and made everything right again. Your dad has taught you to fix things along the way, but he'll never stop coming over and fixing whatever you need him to before you consider calling a repairman. And let's face it: You always enjoy his company.

Call You "Beautiful," But Not Solely Referring To What's On The Outside

When dads call their daughters beautiful, they're not only referring to what's on the outside. Your father is one of the special people who has seen you grow into the beautiful human you are today. So, when he first calls you "beautiful" and continues to do so, you know that it's a compliment of who you are entirely, including that vibrant personality and genuine nature of yours.

Spill The Beans About What Mom Really Wants For Mother's Day

Your dad gives you the 4-1-1 about what your mom wants for Mother's Day and her birthday. The happiness of his ladies is everything to him, and if he has to get a little sneaky to accomplish that, then so be it. I mean, you aren't opposed to intel to make your mama bear happy.

Dedicate An Entire Day To Father-Daughter Time

Your dad will never stop wanting to spend time with you. Spending an entire day together to catch up starts to mean more and more as you get older. There's not as much free time to go around like when you were younger, so you genuinely cherish those days planned for just the two of you.

Give You First Dibs When He Makes His Famous Food Dish

Is your dad a grill master or the king of whipping up pancakes from scratch? Because he knows you love when he works his magic in the kitchen, he always saves you a plate. In fact, you're still one of the first people who gets to eat his delicacy first.

Let You Vent, Even Though He Already Has The Answer

In the archives of those embarrassing home videos, there may be plenty of them where you're crying as a baby and your dad does one thing, and all of sudden you're consoled. Today, even if the tears are flowing, your dad still lets you get whatever you need off of your chest before he gives his two cents. You love his solutions, but you admire his listening skills even more.

Protect You

Dads protect their daughters the second they're born. The world is a scary place, but it's no match for a dad defending his daughter. Your dad may have lightened up a bit, but don't be surprised if you suddenly have an extra can of pepper spray in your purse after a visit from him.

Reach Out To You On Valentine's Day

Every year, my dad still gets me and my sister flowers on Valentine's Day. It is the sweetest thing ever, and he always includes a card telling us how proud of us he is. Your dad is your first Valentine and he sets the bar pretty high for the others you'll have throughout your life. It's a dedication ladies truly never forget.

Shoutout to dads for being effortlessly awesome in every single way. The world is much better place because of you guys.