8 Times Your Dad Proved He's Your Number One, From Day One

Your dad is the OG ride or die in your life. Before your girlfriends and your SO, your dad was most likely one of the first people to have your back, no matter what. And while you may not rely on him for every single thing anymore, the highlights of your life include the best dad moments that will forever be engrained in your memory.

Dads do so many things for their daughters, without asking for anything in return. From consoling you after a horrible breakup, to teaching you how to change a tire, there's nothing you didn't think Dad could do. He was basically a superhero who ate at the same dinner table, and you felt #blessed.

Unlike Superman or Batman, though, Dad didn't only appear when you needed him. He was always there and still is, because even as an adult, you can't seem to get enough of him (even his corny AF dad jokes).

Dads give us life (literally), and we're totally here for their contagiously good vibes. It's also worth mentioning that they're beyond selfless. Dads definitely don't keep tabs of how much they do, but if they did, these eight moments would make it on that tally sheet, for sure.

When He Checked Underneath Your Bed For Monsters

Everyone went through that phase as a child when you thought a grotesque monster was chilling underneath your bed until your parents turned off the lights. It was scary AF to think about as a kid. It sounds silly now, but when your dad "scared" them off, you were able to get a good night's sleep.

When He Dropped Everything To Help You With Your Car Troubles

When your car is on the fritz, it genuinely feels like the world is conspiring against you and ruining your life. There's no silver lining until your dad shows up and makes everything better. Even if he isn't fixing your car firsthand, his support saved the day.

When He Let You Play Around In His Man Cave

No one messes with a man's man cave, but dads will seriously do anything for their kids. A room that once housed his epic poker nights, soon became inhabited by your Barbie houses and trunks filled with your dress-up clothes. Sure, Dad finally got it back when you grew up and moved out, but that temporary sacrifice can't go unnoticed.

When He Casually Gave You The BEST Advice Ever

Dads have a way of dropping some major knowledge on us without even trying. A casual conversation with Dad about your life can instantly turn into a revelation on your part. Dads practically wear wisdom on their sleeve.

When He Put You On His Shoulders So You Could Get A Better View
Rob & Julia Campbell

Who doesn't have that adorable pic of their dad holding them on their shoulders at their first baseball game or at the beach? They've likely been your Father's Day pic for the 'Gram or throwback Thursday. He wanted to show you the world from a different viewpoint, one piggyback ride at a time.

When He Semi Played Nice When You Introduced Him To Someone You Were Dating

It's not easy for dads to accept that their little girl is taking a dip in the dating pool. You appreciate the times he kept it together when you went on your first date with someone who could actually pick you up in their car. Sure, he did the whole "don't make me hunt you down" thing, but he played it cool for the most part.

When He Dressed Up With You And Let You Test Your Makeup Skills

Let's be real: Your childhood makeup game could have used some work. Ask your dad. Even when you covered him in shades that totally weren't his color, he let you experiment and express yourself.

When He Dropped An Iconic Dad Joke At The Perfect Time

Dad jokes can make any moment sweeter, no matter what your mood is. I'm not sure if dads are handed a dad joke manual at the hospital when we arrive, but you will truly never hear the end of them. It's a special quality only they can deliver.

There's no question that your dad is one of the first members of your ride or die crew. He's seriously your biggest fan.