8 Underrated Things You Forget To Thank Your Dad For & Really Should ASAP

Father's Day shouldn't be the only time kids praise their dads for being some of the most selfless and awesome humans on this Earth. Dads are naturally the best advice givers, and just looking at them reminds us of all of the unforgettable memories they created for us as we were growing up. And while your glue-soaked, macaroni cards may have sufficed when you were younger, you should now have a better understanding of those things to thank your dad for, because he never clocks out of being the real MVP.

It's easy to overlook the tremendous things that dads do on the regular, because they do them so effortlessly and without expecting a praise parade in return. Those small things really add up, and before you know it, you have to sit back and realize that you've accomplished and overcome so much because of an endlessly helpful superhero — your dad.

Dad is always saving the day and helping you in some way. Yeah, you may expect that kind of devotion because he's your dad, but a good amount of thank you's are most definitely in order. The list could likely go on for days, but when it comes to the little, yet big things, there are more than a couple of instances our dads deserve our gratitude.

For Being Your Very First Valentine
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It has been years since you actually considered the fact that your dad was your first Valentine. The idea is so sweet though, isn't it? Gifting you with something so sincere and simple like a heartfelt card and bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day definitely set the tone for what you expect in your adult life.

For Effortlessly Giving You The Most Golden Advice
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Dads have this magical superpower to dish out the most helpful advice in a casual conversation. You never quite know when it's going to come out, but once you hear it, you take it and run with it. This advice may be the simplest thing ever, but sometimes it takes Dad's laid-back demeanor to guide us in the right direction.

For Fixing Almost Everything You Break
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Practically everything you broke growing up and now that you are older, has summoned a cry for help for your dad. He never incredibly pries about how something became broken, unless it'll give him a better idea of how to fix it. Honestly, think of how many things would still be in shambles or immobile without the help of your dad.

For Showing You How You Deserve To Be Treated
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It might be awkward to get dating advice from him or introduce him to a person you're interested in, but he really is one of the best people to seek out. The only reason he is stern or hard on the people courting you is because he himself has set the bar high and doesn't believe you deserve any less.

For Trying Each Easy-Bake Oven Fiasco
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Poor dads, and the way they had to keep a semi-excited, but secretly terrified face while we hand-fed them our Easy-Bake Oven creations. Those half-baked cakes meant so much to us, and even though they didn't taste like Mom's homemade brownies, your dad was always your most frequent customer. Yeah, you might not have became a master chef, but you have the confidence to try your hand at anything you can think of.

For Ensuring You That Everything Is Going To Be OK
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Normally, when you feel like everything is falling apart and all of the odds are against, you want to sulk. Hearing that everything is going to be OK doesn't have much validity unless your dad is saying it to you. He truly knows what's up, and as much as you think there's no way he could be right this time, things blow over and turn out to be OK, just like he said they would.

For Letting You Vent Fully, Even Though He Had The Solution All Along
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Your dad will always allow you to vent, even if he has had the answer to your problems since you started talking. And even if your dilemma is from not taking his advice in the first place, he is never one to say, "I told you so." This quality is so appreciated, but definitely overlooked.

For Delivering Spot-On Dad Jokes
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Dad jokes will never get old, and hearing them really makes you cherish the good ole dad in your life. I'm not sure how they all got together and decided to hash out these iconic dad jokes, but we are so here for them. Even when these jokes are told in the most untimely fashion, they're still so perfect.

Your dad is never going to stop being there for you through the big and small things you face in life. Be sure to show your thanks during that time in between.