8 Total Buzzkills That Interrupt Your Good Vibes & Tan Lines At The Beach

The salty, cool breeze, soft sand between your toes, and sun shining down on you are three of the reasons why you get excited about long beach days. Although, as much as you may love your vacays at the shore, there can be a few minor annoyances. Don't get me wrong; I love the beach. I would be there all the time if I could, but even the best things in life can have a few setbacks, and that's what you face when dealing with the struggles of going to the beach.

I could go on all day long about the "salty hair, don't care" vibes of spending a day at the shore, but sometimes I do care (a lot). That's probably why some of these eight struggles you face at the beach can slightly take away from the good vibes and tan lines you have. I do believe accepting that these things will happen is the first step in having a solid beach day. It's all about knowing you will face them, but blocking them out — like a good pair of sunglasses — and focusing on the sun, surf, and sand instead. The struggle may be real, but I'm willing to deal for a fun day in the sun.

When People Sit Right Next To You When The Whole Beach Is Empty

The beach can stretch for miles, so I can never understand why someone chooses to set up camp practically right next to my towel. I always assume they choose to sit so close because I look like a very fun person, but being near me does not mean the fun rubs off. There should be a distance rule. You must be far enough away from the next group on the beach so you aren't able hear their conversation.

When People Start Playing Loud Music

I get it that you want to listen to some great songs while relaxing on the beach, but have you ever heard of headphones? If you must listen to your music from a speaker, remember that not everyone loves to hear "Despacito" five times in a row. Try to keep your sound to your little beach bubble. Also, might I suggest just the gentle sound of waves crashing? They sound lovely, too.

When People Decide To Shake Their Sandy Towel In The Wind
Daxiao Productions/Stocksy

Sand is probably the biggest culprit out of all of the struggles faced at the beach. Other than the initial fun of feeling it between your toes, you don't really want to deal with the sand. So, please remember that when you're shaking down your towel at the end of your beach day, don't do it around me!

Nothing is worse than taking a nap, and all of a sudden, you feel a mini sandstorm, because someone up the beach decided to shake their towel right in your direction. It's usually right after you just oiled up, too.

The Terrifying Moment When Kids Play Ball Two Feet Away From You

Throwing a football around on the beach can be fun, but tossing a ball two feet away from where I'm laying down is totally not cool. At any moment, that ball could end up on me or near me, and both are not things I want to experience, thank you very much.

I'm so easily startled, so I can't relax knowing something could happen at any moment. For both of our sakes, please take your game far, far away from me.

Getting Your Feet Wet Just Means The Sand Sticks Around Longer
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After laying out in the hot sun, all you want to do is jump in the water to cool off. It's nice and refreshing, until you start to make the trek back to your beach blanket and notice that the nice water is now just a glue for the sand around you. What once was easily brushed off with your hand is now stuck to your legs and feet for forever. Even when your leg dries off, the sand will never truly leave.

When Children Run Across Your Towel
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The beach is a great place for a quick jog, but please don't have that jog right across my towel. In my years, I've noticed that as cute as they are, children are a little less aware of their surroundings. They will run across your towel if you leave it alone. So, don't be shocked when you get back and it's covered in a mountain of sand.

Remembering To Reapply Sunscreen

The sunburn is all too real. Sunscreen should be reapplied the longer your stay is at the beach. Even if you have the greatest SPF known to man, you need to make sure it's keeping you covered. Sometimes, you're having so much fun that you forget what time it is, and miss your window to reapply.

If you're taking a nap, I can't insist enough that you set multiple alarms to remind yourself to reapply. If you don't, you'll be kicking yourself the next day when you're having to continually reapply aloe vera on the sunburn you got.

When You Find Sand Leftover From Your Trip In Your Bag Weeks Later

Oh sand, why do you do this to us? We don't mind spending a day with you at the beach, and putting up with your ways there, but please just stay at the beach. I don't understand how I can still find you at the bottom of my bag weeks, even months, after I've been to the beach. You've definitely out-welcomed your stay.