8 Spring-Like Plans To Make When It's Still Winter & You're Totally Over It

You might feel super stuck when you're in the middle of winter, but can see that spring is not too far away. It's agonizing, and you wish you could fast-forward time just this once so you could be soaking up sun rays and playing with your bendy straw while you're sprawled out on a lawn chair. Luckily, there are spring things to do when it's winter that'll help you find some sliver of hope in the colder months.

No one can rush Mother Nature, but you sure are happy as hell when the cold is a thing of the past and you can finally peel some layers off from your wardrobe. Let's be real — laundry day has been pretty unbearable this time of year. Spring will soon be budding as we speak.

It might seem a little backwards to do spring things in the winter, but some people really just need to trick their mind into thinking that time is coming sooner than it is. Hey, everyone has their way of coping with the not-so-favorable parts of winter. So, if you've been counting down until the days of this dreaded season are over, any of these activities will send your mind and body to the highly-anticipated, brighter days.

Go Bathing Suit Shopping

Bathing suit shopping will really have you fantasizing about the beach and the warm sand. Lucky for you, you can spend more time by the shore when the season comes along, because you won't be scurrying around looking for a dope bathing suit. You might even be able to find some sweet deals.

Make Margaritas

Sure, who wouldn't want to be sipping on a cool one as they're looking at the ocean or the blue ripples in the pool? You have to make the best of it. And if you can't feel or see spring yet, you might as well be able to taste it. Sugar or salt on the rim? This one's for the 21 and up crew, of course.

Take A Dip In An Indoor Pool

Getting inside a pool might help ease your mind about the colder temps outside. Usually, indoor pools are heated — so don't worry too much about your toes and hands becoming icicles. Hopping in the sauna afterwards will definitely give you the warmth that you crave so much. Spring needs to be here ASAP.

Stock Up On Colorful Lipsticks

Sure, the moody, dark lipsticks go so well with the ways of winter, but it's time to anticipate sundresses and flip flops. Those stand out, and vibrant colors look so cute when you're literally sun-kissed on the sand somewhere. You'll be ahead of the game and you will be ready to pucker up for those duck face, pool selfies.

Start Looking Up Ideas For The Big Chop

Spring is when you might be ready to make the commitment to a shorter hair style. That process can take forever, because once it's cut, it's gone. Start researching now and seeing what style you think you could really be happy with. When spring does finally come around, all you'll have to do is show them what you want and sit in the chair.

Host A Taco Tuesday

Cut out the soup and crockpot recipes. Nothing screams spring like tacos with all of the trimmings. Get other people out of their winter shells and host a Taco Tuesday that's ringing in as much spring as you possibly can. You know you're getting super sick of the designated winter food, anyway.

Liven Up Your Place With Fresh Flowers In A Vase

Believe it or not, all flowers don't only grow in the spring time. And they don't only make our day during spring, either. Seeing flowers in your kitchen or living room might get you out of that winter funk. Greenery has that natural effect on us.

Start Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning can be such a drag, because you want to spend as little time inside when it's so pretty out. Clearing out that clutter will only give you less to do when it starts warming up. It's really a win-win to chip away at any of those grueling chores.

Winter will be over before you know it, and you'll be able to put away the big coats and beanies. Spring will be here in no time, so hang in there.