8 Things Only True Soul Sisters Can Relate To On Another Level

Having a soul sister is a humbling and rewarding experience. Even if you don't share the same bloodline, you know the two of you still connect in so many other ways. There are some signs you've found your soul sister, and they are truly what make up the unique bond you share.

With a soul sister by your side, it's like you found your other half but are still whole... if that makes sense. You're not completely lost without her, but you know that if she wasn't around, an important part of you would have never been unearthed. It's almost like magic, the way her very presence transforms you into this lifted and happier being.

Soul sisters are linked in more than a physical way. It's a little tough to explain the outer body experience you feel when you know you have an endless amount of support, comfort, and friendship from a single person. Call it sorcery or whatever, but if this is a spell, we don't ever want it to wear off or fade. If you have a soul sister, you know the friendship is a lot more than being attached at the hip or finishing each other's sentences. Here are eight things only true soul sisters can relate to on another level.

You Understand The Importance Of Consistency

A soul sister is there no matter what. It's that simple. The funny thing is that when you're a soul sister, being there for her is as easy as breathing. You do it because you don't really know another way to live happily. Whether it's a call, text, or weekly coffee date, the consistency of a soul sister is never questioned. She's such a gem.

You Know That Separation Is Only An Illusion
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As much as it's hard to be away from our soul sister, it will never stop the friendship from prospering. Distance may be made up of intimidating miles, but those miles have nothing on your irreplaceable bond. If you have to ache a little bit because your main squeeze can't be by your side, that's totally fine. As long as she's out there and you can FaceTime or talk on the phone, all is not lost.

You're Always Your Happiest When You're With Her
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Happiness is a choice, and your soul sister effortlessly instills this achievable emotion in you all of the time. Yes, a person can be a tremendous source of your happiness. This doesn't cost a thing, but you always pay it forward and offer her the same in return. I mean, it's your partner in crime we're talking about here, so how could you not be happy?

She Teaches You What Selflessness Really Means

A soul sis taps into so many incredible qualities in you. This includes the act of being selfless. If she ever needs you, you immediately tap into the mama bear role and focus all of your energy on her. Sometimes, our gal just needs us a whole lot and we have no problem giving her our undivided attention. She would do the same for us.

You Appreciate The Curative Abilities Of Hugging It Out
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OK, no one likes fighting, but if you and your soul sister get into an argument or disagreement, there's no point in holding grudges. In fact, it would likely hurt you more if you held any ill-feelings toward her. Hugging it out cures just about everything.

You Experience All The Butterflies

Alright, this might sound like a crush-type of thing, but butterflies get to flapping for other joyous occasions as well. You could be excited or in so much bliss that butterflies have no other choice but to congregate in your tummy when your soul sister connection is in full swing. I mean, your soul sister is sort of like your soulmate, right?

You Laugh Uncontrollably Together
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Laughter really is the food to the soul, which is why your soul sister is usually the one stuffed with you. Those laughing attacks could be over almost nothing at all, but they're worth every happy tear or almost peeing yourself. It's crazy to think that so many of those good laughs will come from just one person, aka, your person.

You Feel So Much Joy For Her Success
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When your soul sister succeeds, you succeed. You two are a team, and there's never any competition between you two. You're rooting for each other and always provide the necessary support so that the other one knows they're completely capable of achieving extraordinary things. It's not everyday that you have someone in your life who is genuinely happy for you and all that you've reached.

Soul sisters come from all different avenues of life. When you find her, you just know, and if you've got her already, you're never letting her go.