She Knows You Best: 10 Ways Your Best Friend Is Your Soul Mate

by Maheen Khan

We all have our people.

These are the people you picked, or they just came into your life one day and never left. You became friends and eventually best friends.

I am lucky enough to have a best friend of seven years. We don’t always get along, but believe me, even though we look nothing alike, people have mistaken us for sisters at times.

This one particular person in your life has always been there. She is such an important part of your life, she is definitely your soul sister.

Here’s why:

1. She knows you better than you know yourself

She knows when you are having a good day or a bad one. She knows when you are hurting. She will say just what you need to hear.

She knows when you are being a grumpy b*tch, and she will know it’s because you haven’t been fed. She will also know just what you need to be fed. She knows you inside out.

2. She has been there through every milestone in your life

From your first real relationship to the ugliest breakup you ever had, she was there.

From the time you got your braces to when you got your first sexy lingerie, she has literally lived your life with you and you have lived hers.

3. She will always be a priority

Come what may, she will never stop being a priority in your life. You will rush to her side if she is in trouble. If she’s hurting, so are you.

She needs money? You will sell your kidney. She's family. She is a part of you. You love her like a sister.

4. Most of your crazy times have been with her

Most of your wildest stories begin with, “This one time me and my best friend..."

You have been partners in crime since forever.

You wouldn’t trade those memories for anything, and you wouldn’t trade her for anyone because it just won't be as much fun with anybody else.

5. Your weird habits don't seem so weird to each other

She understands your weird OCD about everything being organized, or the way you freak out if you do not have hand sanitizer.

You understand the weird combination of chili and tomato sauce with an overload of chili flakes and oregano that she needs with her pizza.

If you have been going crazy waiting for a call from a guy you like, she will go shopping with you. She knows it is the only thing that will make you sane again.

6. You two have similar taste

It’s not just the same dress you both pick out when you go shopping; sometimes, it’s your taste in movies, books, music etc.

On girls' night out, you both might just call dibs in unison when that hot guy passes by. Then, of course, burst into joint giggles.

You even have a similar way of talking.

7. She somehow can fill all the roles in your life when needed

She can be a friend. She can be a harsh critic giving you some tough love when you need it. She will act like your mom when you have had one too many and take care of you.

She will be like your sister trying to steal your clothes. She will be a body guard and shoo off all the creeps when needed.

When things get rough, she will be your shrink. A heart to heart with her is what you need when you are hurting. She will be your confidant and secret keeper.

She will be your chauffeur and your fashion critic. But, most importantly, she will be a true friend.

8. When you visualize your future, she's there

When you think about the future, it scares the crap out of you. Will you get that dream job? Will you be married?

Scary, isn't it? But you will always know the answer to one question: Will she still be your best friend?

Where else will she be? She made a pact with you to be your maid of honor. When you imagine every important milestone in your future, she's always there right by your side.

Man, you can't wait to find out whose boobs sag first.

9. You will always have each other's back

You have your share of differences and fights, but you will flip on anyone who says something against her.

If there is one thing that has been constant in your life, it’s her. She will and has always been your rock.

You will always know that if you fall, she has your back. She will probably fall with you to make it look less embarrassing, but she will be there.

10. You can't imagine a day without her

She may annoy you and get on your nerves, but you can’t deny the fact you love her to bits. She is the one person you can trust will not hurt you.

You always know at 4 am if there’s anyone you can call, it’s her, even if you are miles apart.

She is that person who gets all of your weird habits and superstitions. She is the person who promised to never leave and was always there.

She is your person, and life without her would probably suck — a lot.

I would like to end this article with a quote:

"Maybe girlfriend's are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with," -- Sex and the City

There are no rules on soul mates. They don't always have to be a love interest, and they don't just have to be one person.

But, the thing is, your best friend is the closest you will ever come to a soul mate.

You don't call her soul sister for nothing, do you?