8 Telltale Signs You're Ready To Break Up With Summer RN

Confession: You were in love with summer in the beginning, but alas, you feel your relationship slowly fading into the golden sunset. When the season arrived, you dreamt of beach getaways, spontaneous road trips, and relaxing by the pool. A ton of fun was had in the sun, but now, you're ready to break up. You're just a fall gal, and you can't deny the many signs you're ready for summer to be over.

You're dreaming of sweater weather, apple orchards, and pumpkin-flavored everything. You can't truly enjoy another frozen margarita by the pool in this intense heat, and you haven't really gotten along with the sun recently. (Your sunburn is feeling seriously salty.) Is this a bit too harsh? You're just so ready to move on.

Summer deserves someone who longs for endless days spent with the ocean, and can handle the heat waves that just keep coming. That's not you. You're a chilly night by the fire, drinking a hot apple cider kind of a girl. I'm sure you'll change your mind when summer comes back around next year, but for now, you're giving this season the boot. As far as you're concerned, these eight points are all too true.

You're Tired Of Being Sweaty All The Time

Summer is the only season where you feel the need to take multiple showers in one day, because you end up so sweaty the second you step outside your apartment. (Let's not even talk about what the humidity is doing to your hair.)

You can't deal with the sticky subway seats, having to do extra laundry, and being cautious of sweat marks when you spot your crush in the elevator. Oh, the struggles. It's too much, and you're honestly over it.

You're Itching To Watch Fall Movies Like 'Hocus Pocus'

Fall has the best movies ever. I'm talking Hocus Pocus, Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Addams Family. You're already planning movie nights with the crew once autumn rolls around. You just feel weird watching these movies in the summer, and out of respect, you wait for the fall. (That only makes you more antsy for summer to end.)

You Just Want To Wear Sweaters Again

Every time you open your closet doors, you stare longingly at your cozy oversized sweaters. They're calling your name, but instead, you have to opt for summer dresses and T-shirts yet again. Soon it will be sweater weather, and when it is, you will be the happiest girl in the world.

Your AC Bill Is Killing Your Budget

When another heat wave rolls around, your electric bill skyrockets from having to leave your AC on. (Who's got time for grand summer vacations when you have to cover the costs of not turning your apartment into a sauna?!) You know you should be thanking your lucky stars that you even have an AC unit, and can't imagine getting through summer without one.

You Can't Take Another Sunburn

Despite lathering up with the highest SPF there is, you still always end up with a sunburn. Your beach days have become sun nightmares as you try to cover up every inch of your body. You just want to go outside in the summer sun without ending up looking like a lobster. Is that so much to ask?

You're Tired Of Feeling Tired All The Time

A combination of extra bright sun, extremely warm weather, and the carefree attitude of summer has caused you to be lazy AF these past few months. It was perfect at first, when you spent most of your weekends taking naps and lounging at the beach, but now, you want to do something.

The fall has so many awesome activities you can do with your squad, including hitting up pumpkin patches, getting lost in a corn maze, and visiting animals at a farm. Bring on the fall!

You Want All Your Friends Back From Vacation

It has been so difficult to get your whole squad together these past few months, because at least one person is always away on vacation. Even work has been kind of slow with everyone out of the office. You just want everyone back together again. You can't be squad goals when it's just that "me, myself, and I" mentality.

You Need Your Fave TV Shows To Come Back

As fun as watching The Office for the one millionth time is, you really want your fave TV shows to come back. I know I'm itching to see the next season of American Horror Story and Riverdale. I've been patient long enough. Fall, please come here, so I have something to watch.