8 Signs You Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Fall

Confession: I'm not a big fan of fall. Yes, I said it, and I've spent well over 20 years realizing that it's just not the season for me. Don't get me wrong; there are some perks to fall that bless us each and every year, but it takes countless pep talks to warm up to it (and by the time I do, it's already winter). Admitting that the season is not your favorite cup of tea is one of the first signs you have a love-hate relationship with fall, and I totally understand your feels.

It has something to do with the fact that it comes right after summer. For me, I hate that I have to transition from rocking my favorite pair of sandals on the boardwalk, to grabbing a bulky sweater and scarf every time I have to run out to the store. I'm all for the visual change fall brings, but it just seems a tad too drastic, in my opinion.

I know some of you are reading this and wish you could throw a pumpkin pie at your screen — but hear me out. Almost everything you adore about fall comes with a not-so-fun quality you have to endure. For those of you who are on the fence about the upcoming season, these eight signs prove that if you posted your relationship status with fall, it would say, "It's complicated."

1. You Shop For Boots Online, But Miss Your Sandals The Whole Time


Trust me, I've already got my eyes on a cute pair of Steve Madden boots that are going to make the leaves on the ground bow at my feet. But, out of the corner of my eye, I peeped my pile of sandals and felt like I totally betrayed them. (Yeah, it seemed like my flip flops were flipping me the bird.) I'm sorry!

2. You're Kind Of Salty When You're Sipping Your First PSL Of The Season


I'm not stripping the delicious PSL of its greatness or anything. When you aren't a huge fan of fall, it's one of the anticipated highlights of the season. The first PSL you have, though, is naturally bittersweet, because you're salty you're not still sipping a summery lemonade.

3. You Don't Want To Talk Or Hear About Halloween Until Summer Is Officially Over


You love Halloween, but you don't want to hear a peep about it until summer is actually done. Talking about it any sooner than that is like asking summer to rudely leave without a proper goodbye, and you can't have that.

4. You Hold Out On Wearing A Scarf As Long As You Possibly Can


You know blanket scarves will keep you nice and toasty, but you wait until the very last minute to start adding them to your wardrobe. It's not like you don't have a drawer full of pretty ones; you just aren't letting go of summer that easily. (Your neck sort of pays the price for your resistance.)

5. You're Excited To Watch The Leaves Change, But Not The Gusts Of Wind That Follow


Watching the leaves change is so beautiful, and a handful of your Instagram pics from last year can attest to that. But why must the cold wind follow and spoil the moment? In my opinion, the gusts are seriously the worst seasonal party crashers.

6. You're Relieved It's Not Scorching, But You Sort Of Despise Sweater Weather


If your city was scorching this summer, you're happy about fall bringing the temps down. It starts to suck when those temps make you whip out the sweaters, though. You kind of despise the first few times you see the "sweater weather" hashtag pop up on your feed.

7. You Love The Fall Lipstick Shades... Before They End Up On All Of Your Cocoa Mugs


You drink more and more warm beverages in the fall, which is fine. But how on Earth does the season expect you to get the most out of your lipstick shades when they end up on every cup and mug you own? You're paying for lipstick for yourself, not for your porcelain "I hate mornings" mug.

8. You Drag Out Labor Day, And Can't Wait Until Thanksgiving


Labor Day is the last holiday before fall sucks its teeth into your life. OK, that's a little dramatic, but you're still anticipating holidays like Thanksgiving, so you can have some days off and fully embrace the holiday feasting. Oh, the struggles.

The clock is ticking, and fall will be here in no time. It's OK if you aren't dusting off your pom-poms to give it a special welcome, because I'm right there with you.