Guys Reveal The Heartbreaking Moments They Realized They Weren't In Love Anymore

by Candice Jalili

I think, for me, the scariest thing that could possibly happen in a relationship is having my partner randomly stop loving me. To me, that's literally the worst case scenario — scarier than being cheated on, scarier than them being a compulsive liar, scarier than them getting a terminal illness. You get the picture here. I'm terrified of this happening. And how are you even supposed to know if it's happening? What if it's happening to your partner RIGHT now, and they're just protecting your feelings? Well, if you're looking for some clear-cut signs they fell out of love, on a recent Reddit thread, these dudes shared what those signs looked like in their relationships.

Read along as these men reveal the moments they knew they were totally and completely out of love with their ex and, for some of them, their current girlfriends. But before you get in there and start spiraling about anything and everything these dudes said that might reflect any fears you have about your current relationship, just remember that everyone is different. Make sure you take everything they say with a grain of salt, don't let it get to you too much, and communicate with your own partner, should you feel a shift in your relationship.

He started avoiding his partner.

When I felt like avoiding her and not spending time together. I was too nice, things got out of hand.


He started wishing she'd leave after sex.

During a period of silence right after sex one day.
That’s when it hit me, the brief flash of thought that I’ll never forget: “I kinda wish she’d just leave now.”
After four years, I recognized that we really didn’t have much in common beyond the superficial things like sex, style/aesthetic, etc. I️ recognized that she just wasn’t that interesting or funny to me, that I️ didn’t really care to keep putting in the intellectual effort, and that our relationship would never progress to the next level.
If you’re looking for advice somewhere in here, I’d say trust your gut. I think I realized, somewhat early on, that my ex and I had such fundamental differences. But because our physical connection was so intense, I waited far too long to recognize/admit/confrontthose differences.


He didn't care when she dumped him.

She broke up with me and I felt nothing.


He wasn't excited for her to come over.

When she was about to come to my place, and I did not like the thought of that.


He realized her whole life revolved around him.

When I realized that everything about her and her life was patterned after me and my life.


He met someone else, and it felt right.

I met another woman and we did a project together for work. Everything we did together just felt like a breeze. While with my SO everything was f*cking struggle to get done.


He realized he couldn't pinpoint anything special he liked about her.

When I realized the things I liked about her were available in myriad women around. It was just facets I was attracted to, there isn't really anything specifically unique.
Even now I believe that I love "traits" not really people.


Not talking to her for extended periods of time didn't faze him.

After I hardly spoke to her for 3 weeks and didn’t feel any different about it.


He didn't want her to meet his parents.

When I didn’t feel like it’d be right to introduce her to my parents despite nothing being inherently wrong with her.


OK, so I'm sure we're all pretty terrified of the prospect of someone falling out of love with us, but again, remember that every person and every relationship is different. At the end of the day, you should communicate with your partner if you sense they're falling out of love with you. For all you know, it could be something else entirely.

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