8 People Reveal Their Hottest Spring Break Hookup Stories & Man, They're Steamy

Ah, spring break. A time for taking shots of questionable liquor, sporting scanty bikinis, and of course, hooking up with strangers in the steamiest (and TBH, sweatiest) situations. The only challenge is remembering all of the sultry details of your sexy spring break stories after a couple of jumbo-sized margaritas...

Sadly, I've never been on a "spring break, woohoo!" kind of vacation. Most of my vacays in college were spent working or traveling with family, not meeting beautiful strangers at hotel bars or seedy night clubs. And while that certainly doesn't mean that I can't appreciate the magic of making out with cute guys in foreign countries, it does mean that I am dripping with envy after reading a few of these spring break hookup stories.

If you've got a spring break trip coming up and are looking for a little hookup inspiration (or just enjoy living vicariously through other people's romantic encounters, as I do), look no further. Here are eight incredibly sexy tales of spring break make-out sessions (and so. Much. More.) to get you feeling inspired and possibly — OK, definitely — a little turned on.

No need to be envious, ladies. I'm sure you'll come back with a few stories of your own this year.

Is There Anything Steamier Than Salsa Dancing In Barcelona? (No, No, There Is Not.)

A few friends and I met a couple of guys on the terrace outside of a club in Barcelona, who then invited us back to their ~VIP table~ (which had a great view of the stage and DJ). One of the guys was leading me through a few basic salsa steps, then pulled me in close and we started making out. It was so steamy. I was also awful at following along with the dance steps, but guess it worked out in my favor. Then the power went out at the club, and he vanished into the night.

— Alyssa, 24

You Know What They Say: The Best Way To Get Over One Person Is To Get Under Someone Else.

My girlfriend and I had broken up like a week before my spring break, pretty unexpectedly. I wasn't really in the mood to party in South Beach, but I had no way to get a refund on the trip, so figured I could at least relax with friends and try to forget about everything for a few days. I ended up meeting a girl at the hotel bar on my first night, and we basically spent the next five days getting to know each other... like all of each other. I think our steamiest hookup was in the hotel's sauna (literally, so steamy). Needless to say, I certainly was not thinking about my ex that trip.

— Kylie*, 25

You Don't Really Need To Know Someone's Name To Marry Them, Right?

Technically, this wasn't my spring break, but I once met a (very fine) Brazilian man who was traveling around Europe on vacation. We bumped into each other at a bar as he was heading to the bathroom, and — I don't even know how, exactly — ended up making out behind a photo booth like two minutes later. Well, up against the photo booth. I never even got his name, but he kept complimenting my smile and nibbling my bottom lip, and we're pretty much still married in my head.

— Elizabeth*, 25

Do The Donkeys Make This Story Even Sexier? Is It Weird That I Think Yes?

One time, I met this gorgeous British guy at a club in Santorini. We started making out outside of the club, at goodness knows what hour, when we were interrupted by, like, a parade of donkeys coming up the streets. I actually think the donkeys were taking out the trash? I was so drunk, IDK.

— Lacey*, 24

Seriously, Though. The Greek Isles Are (Apparently) Where It's At.

I was on spring break in Mykonos, it was actually one of the first holidays I took after coming out. Anyway, I went to this gay club, and was suddenly surrounded by hot, European guys. One grabbed my hand right away, we started dancing and taking shots of Ouzo, and by the end of the night, we're having sex in the bathroom of the club. It was my first (and best) one-night stand ever. I still think about it to this day...

— Anthony*, 26

Note: If You Decide To Hook Up In A Hostel Bathroom, Try To Keep Your Dress Nearby?

So, I went on a spring break trip to Portugal and stayed in a hostel. I ended up going on a bar crawl one night, coming back, and having ~relations~ with a dude in the shower of the communal bathroom (which was off of the kitchen and main common area). Somehow, my dress went missing in the dark and the only thing I could find was an apron from the kitchen, which I shamefully wore back to my room. I woke up the next day in a 10-person dorm wearing nothing but an apron, and had to go to the reception to ask if they'd found my dress... They had...

— Chloe*, 24

Nothing Hotter Than The Danger Of Almost Drowning. (I'm Totally Kidding, BTW! Please Don't Almost Drown!)

One day, on a spring break trip to Puerto Rico, one of my friends and I got super drunk at the beach and decided to swim out into the ocean and make out in the crashing waves. We almost drowned, but it was fine. Afterward, we climbed a mountain barefoot, got completely lost as the sun was setting, and decided to make out some more in our bathing suits at the top of the mountain!

— Daniela*, 24

Oh, And If Spring Break Hookups Aren't Your M.O., You Can Always Go This Route?

Don't really have any steamy hook-up stories from spring break. I was just you're run-of-the-mill, gets-drunk-and-flashes-everyone kind of gal.

— Alice, 24

Now, go knock back a few margaritas and live out your own steamy hookup dreams this spring break.

*Names have been changed. Quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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