8 Romantic Texts To Send During The Holidays When You & Your Partner Are Apart

I remember when my best friend got her first real boyfriend. It was our freshman year of high school, and it was right before winter break. I had barely been kissed at that time, and I had maybe gotten my period. I was a little jealous, and a lot curious. How did one "date?" I remember that my friend's boyfriend was traveling for the holidays, and that her AIM away message (RIP) read "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." Away messages were the early aughts equivalent of romantic texts to send during the holidays.

After reading my BFF's away message, I remember thinking, "Wow! They already miss each other?!" (To be fair, I spent that winter break daydreaming about my lab partner while listening to Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You," so I have no idea why this away message was surprising to me.) Whether you have been dating your partner for a year, two years, or even if you're new to the relationship, it's nice to send thoughtful "I miss you" messages when you're apart during the holidays.

It's 2017, and we live in the age of FaceTime, nudes, and Instagram Stories. Oftentimes, in long-distance relationships, couples use text as ways to figure out logistics and talk about small details, while using a phone call or FaceTime to really connecting and catch up. I love the OG handwritten love letter, but that's not exactly efficient when you're only apart for a week or two. So, this season, why not send your partner these thoughtful strings of words instead of just saying, "Love you, bye!" at the end of your FaceTime sesh? Here are some favorites.

1. "I Wish You Could Be Under My Christmas Tree Tomorrow"

A bit more nuanced than straight-up quoting Mariah Carey, this is a really sweet way to tell your person how much you wish they were next to you. You can follow up with a nice, suggestive, "I'd unwrap you."

2. "Feeling Really Lucky I Met You This Year"

This is a nice way of saying, "I miss you" without simply typing, "I miss you." Being open and truthful via text is underrated — how great would you feel about yourself if you got this text, you know? Plus, it puts attention on your partner, not just your "I miss you" needs. Vulnerability is sexy.

3. [Send Picture Of Vacation Spot] "Wish You Were Here"

This is a classic picture-word text combo, but it's a classic for a reason. Telling someone that you wish you were with them is incredibly romantic. Plus, sharing a photo directly with your partner, not on Instagram to the hundreds of followers you have, is a nice personal touch.

4. "Mistletoe Isn't The Same Without You Here"

Yes, send this to your partner even if there isn't any mistletoe in sight. Mistletoe makes me think of innocent kisses, and your partner will be delighted to hear that a tiny little plant on a door frame made you think of them. I even like how borderline cheesy this is, and I'm a bit of a cynic.

5. "I Love You More Than I Love Cookies"

I love cookies. I don't love many people. So if I'm telling you I love you more than cookies around the holidays (prime cookie time) then I really, really love you. Following up with a Cookie Monster GIF isn't a terrible idea either.

6. "You're The Best Present I Got This Year"

Sure, this is so darn cheesy, but I don't care. The internet is full of cynicism and sarcasm these days and no one except your sweetie is going to see this text anyways so why not just go for it? Receiving this text would make me cringe for maybe two seconds, and then it would make feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that my partner liked me enough to be cutesy.

7. “I Think You’re Really Beautiful And I Feel Really Warm When I’m Around You And My Tongue Swells Up. So... Do You Wanna Eat Food?”

OK, so this quote is borrowed from Elf, but that makes it so much easier to send for those curmudgeons (like me) out there. You're quoting Buddy the Elf, so you're not necessarily being overly mushy — Buddy is.

8. “Can I Keep You Forever?"

Yes, back to the land of cheese, but the holidays are a great time for cheese of all kinds. (Especially melted cheese, like fondue.) This is borderline creepy, though, so use it with your very serious partner only.

So this winter break, when you're surrounded by your aunt's weird new husband, or when you watch your younger cousin introduce his first girlfriend to the family, take a moment to appreciate the partner you have in your life, and send them a cute text. The holidays are complicated for everyone, so sending a sweet something will be very appreciated by your bae. Distance does, sometimes, make the heart grow fonder, but not so much so that you shouldn't send a romantic text while you and your partner are apart from each other. Happy long-distance holidating!

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