4 First Date Problems Around The Holidays & How To Handle Them

If you haven't coupled up this cuffing season, it makes perfect sense for you to keep swiping on dating apps, talking to people at bars, and going on first dates. You can find love during any month of the year, but for some reason, navigating a first date during the relationship-centric winter season can be extra tricky. If you find yourself wondering whether to go to a holiday party for your initial date, or curious about how to even schedule the date at all when everyone is so busy, I'm here to help. First date problems around the holidays are frustratingly common, so I'm outlining a few different ways to handle these classic situations.

If you're experiencing a complicated first date crisis due to the madness of the holiday season, try not to start acting like the Grinch. You don't necessarily have to wait to ring in the new year for things to calm down, although sometimes that does end up being the best option. Before you tear down the mistletoe, though, try implementing these four easy solutions. Who knows? If the first date goes well, you two could be making your relationship official before the snow starts to fall.

Should you attend a holiday party for a first date?

The person you've been talking to finally asks you on a first date, but they want to go to a holiday party. What do you say? This depends on how well you know them, as well as how formal the party is. If it's a work function or something that requires you to wear a full length dress, it's probably not appropriate for an initial date. On the other hand, if it's a casual get-together hosted by a mutual friend, that could make for the perfect, low-pressure environment to get to know someone new.

Do you need to get them a gift if your first date is right before Christmas?

While it may be a little weird to buy someone a present before you've even met them, you can use the timing of your date as a way to break the ice. A joke about how you forgot to bring a gift can easily lead into a conversation about holiday wishlists. Or, if you want to be cute, tell them you want to pay for their coffee or meal. If they insist on getting the bill, blame the festive spirit and tell them it can count as their holiday gift.

How do you avoid scheduling conflicts during this busy time?

It's important to understand that for many people, family and close friends come first during the holidays. There's a difference between someone using this time of year as an excuse to blow you off, and the person genuinely being swamped with prior commitments. Try to schedule the date in advance, but not so far ahead that you have time to forget about it.

Should you go on a festive first date, or keep it classic?

Ice skating is an ideal first date, because it gives you an excuse to hold hands and catch one another if you fall. A holiday movie marathon can also be the way to go, especially if your priorities include Netflix and chill and/or staying out of the cold. If you'd rather treat it like a regular date, that's completely fine. Some winter activities can be interpreted as couple-y, and there may be implied expectations for a relationship down the road. If that's not your intention, consider sticking to a safe bet like dinner or drinks.

First date jitters are normal, but try not to let the holidays put any additional pressure on an already nerve-racking situation. So relax, have some eggnog, and remember that dating is supposed to be fun.

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