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8 Romantic Birthday Surprises For Your Partner

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Whenever a friend's birthday rolls around, I love opening Instagram and seeing snippets of the day their partner planned for them. Whether it's a picture from a pasta-making class or a short video of them together at a park picnic, it makes me happy to see a friend appreciated uniquely. Sure, I celebrate my friends' birthdays with them, too, but planning romantic birthday surprises for your partner has such a distinctive sweetness to it. It's a chance to honor what makes your SO who they are.

If your partner's birthday is coming up, and you're stumped about what to do, don't fret. You don't have to spend a ton of money to make things special. What matters most is celebrating the person you love. What makes your partner happy? What topics do they rarely get bored of? These answers can lead you to some pretty epic birthday plans. For example, if your partner is obsessed with pugs, you can find a local pug owners meet-up in your area. However, always make sure to check in with your partner beforehand to make sure they actually enjoy surprises. Some folks don't like to be caught off guard, so if that's the case for your boo, respect their boundaries.

If you're searching for inspiration, the following ideas look to the sea, sky, and your own backyard for some birthday fun.

A Birthday Sail-Abration

If you live near a body of water, there may be an opportunity to go sailing for bae's birthday. Many marinas offer sunset trips or even private, candle-lit dinners. You can eventually clue them into the surprise by getting them a captain's hat and a card that mentions something punny, such as, "Can't wait to sail-abrate you!"

Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you're interested in trying something adventurous but aren't near a body of water, consider looking to the sky for inspiration. That's right: You could get tickets to take a ride in a hot air balloon before sharing a romantic dinner. If that's too extreme or outside of your budget, you could also research potential hot air balloon festivals near your city or town.

Good Old Surprise Party

Throwing a good ol' surprise party isn't the most unique idea, but it can be a hella good time. Getting everyone together to appreciate your partner could make for a great night. If they're into surprises, they'll likely find it sweet that you put in so much effort to make their birthday special.

Additionally, you could level up the night with a photo wall for the guests. You could even use an instant print camera that prints photos onto sticker paper. Guests can paste their photos into a book with an accompanying note for the birthday person.

Surprise Weekend Getaway

If your partner isn't necessarily a "people person," they might want to spend their birthday with you and only you. A weekend getaway can be super romantic, and it doesn't have to break the bank. You can check out Airbnb for deals and allow the best options to influence where you escape for the weekend. You could also have a staycation in your very own town by booking a room at a local hotel using Hotel Tonight. Some hotels might have discounts for local residents or sales because of last-minute cancellations.

Fancy At-Home Dinner

One classic idea for a birthday night is going full Lady and the Tramp on them. You can book a reservation at their favorite eatery, the place that you had your first date at, or plan it at your very own home. By adding some candles and flowers, your dining table could be transformed into one of the nicest restaurants in town. If you're not super well-versed in cooking, you can also order an at-home dinner service that sends you a full meal's worth of ingredients and cooking instructions.

Dinner And A Movie

My roommate recently set up a projector on the roof, and one night, we settled in for a movie night. This could be perfect for a birthday evening, especially if you play up the movie theater theme. You can buy classic movie snacks and drinks, or order M&Ms that are custom printed with photos or your bae's name to add extra detail to an already cute as heck night.

Take A Class Together

If your partner loves to learn and try new things, why not do both on their birthday? Try looking on apps and websites, like ClassPass or CourseHorse, or checking your local library for different resources. You can think outside of the box, too. For instance, you could call their favorite restaurant and see if the chef would be willing to teach a private lesson for you two in the kitchen.

Gaze At The Stars

Stargazing is honestly so romantic and versatile. Head to your local planetarium for a lesson on the galaxy (and a chance to hold hands or kiss in the dark). You could also take a little camping trip or set up a cute campground in your own backyard. In lieu of this, you could also get them a framed snapshot of the way the sky looked on an important day with My Sky Moment.

It's honestly awesome that you're putting so much care and thought into your partner's birthday surprise. Even though dating someone means appreciating them year-round, devoting a day to your boo can be pretty dang special.

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