8 Legitimate Reasons Why You Want To Attend Riverdale High This Fall

Fall is a fresh start with an endless amount of possibilities. It means a new school year ahead, a beautiful change in the weather, cute oversized sweaters and beanie caps, and your favorite TV shows making a comeback. But out of all the shows returning this season, Riverdale is by far the one you're most excited for. You're feeling antsy AF waiting to find out what's going to happen next to Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead. Let's be honest: Instead of heading back to your own school, there are a ton of reasons you want to attend Riverdale High this fall instead.

First of all, you'd be right there when all of the drama unfolds, so you wouldn't have to wait for the next episode to find out the scoop. (Farewell forever, cliffhangers!) You'd also get to walk the halls with your favorite Riverdale characters on the regular. (OK, you're ready to go back-to-school shopping and start classes, literally right now.)

You probably never thought you'd get this excited about school, but that's what Archie and the gang can do to you. Now all someone has to do is invent a way to jump into the TV, or find a way to make October arrive faster. You need some Riverdale vibes in your life as soon as possible.

Archie Is Bae. Need I Say More?

I mean, hello. Have you seen Riverdale's Archie? He's got those dreamy boy next door vibes, but is also moody AF when he wants to be. You'd for sure stare longingly at him as he walked down the hallway or sat in front of you in chemistry. (Just make sure you're not too late to class or drooling over your textbook when the teacher calls on you.)

You'd Be In Your Glory Hitting Up Staples For New Folders

One of the things you miss most about school is the back-to-school shopping. Real talk: You could spend hours browsing the shelves of Staples and picking out the cutest folders and notebooks. You'd probably end up buying them all, and of course, a new set of rainbow gel pens to match. (Don't forget the neon Post-It notes, too.)

Roam The Halls With Veronica And Betty? Yes, Please.

Another perk of attending Riverdale High is you could be friends with Betty and Veronica. Just imagine how awesome girls' nights would be. You'd hit up the diner for some milkshakes and recap how school went that day. I hope a few of those hangs would also happen at Veronica's apartment, because it looks lavish AF.

You Could Join The Pussycats And Sing Around Town

Josie and the Pussycats slay. It would be a dream to be in their crew and perform at different events around town. If you're not much of singer, you could always lip-sync the heck out of their songs and jam out at their shows.

You'd Love The Gossip Going Down In The Halls

There's always a lot of drama going down in Riverdale (not to mention the rollercoaster relationship that is Betty and Jughead). For someone who enjoys a little gossip every once in a while, you could be living your best life with all the drama that's discussed in the halls of Riverdale High. Just imagine the notes being passed in class.

You Could Try Out For The River Vixens

Attending Riverdale, you'd want to get involved in every extracurricular activity known to man, so of course you'd audition for the River Vixens. Hanging with Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl after school is definitely a plus. Who's got spirit? You do!

You'd Have A Milkshake (Or Two) From Pop's Every Day After School

After every episode of Riverdale, you're in the mood for a milkshake. You know exactly where your after-school hangout would be, and it's in a booth surrounded by fries and every flavor shake on the menu at Pop's.

You Could Start Your Own Column In 'The Blue And Gold' Newspaper

You'd love to write for The Blue and Gold school newspaper. If you joined, you could even pitch your own column. It also doesn't hurt that writing for the paper means you get to spend some extra quality time with Jughead Jones. *Swoons.*