8 Times Bughead Made All Of Our Hearts Instantly Melt On 'Riverdale'

On Riverdale, Betty and Jughead are basically our Romeo and Juliet — two lovers from very different worlds, falling for each other. It's definitely not what we were initially expecting from reading the comics, but that's exactly what Riverdale is — something different, and we're loving it. We're shipping this couple until the end, and it definitely doesn't hurt that Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart have great chemistry. I don't know how your heart doesn't melt whenever you watch these Betty and Jughead Moments from Riverdale.

They are both too cute for words, and we're all wondering if we'll ever experience a great love like these two have. I mean, I would take away the drama of a Black Hood character trying to kill people, but once that's removed, this couple is basically relationship goals. As we're waiting for new episodes of Riverdale to come, we'll just keep rewatching the ones we have, especially for these eight Betty and Jughead moments that totally make us swoon. They might break up, but we know it's only because they love each other so much that is what they think is best. Little do they know, being together is always the right decision, because these two are MFEO. Stop playing with our hearts, and long live Bughead.

When Jughead Came To Betty's Window
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We're picking up on some serious Romeo and Juliet vibes in this scene. Jughead even said, "Hey there, Juliet," greeting Betty at her window. This scene also wins for being Betty and Jughead's first kiss, and it made us instantly swoon.

When Betty Told Jughead She Believes In Him
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After Betty asked Jughead if he believed his dad, he asked her if she did. She responded with, "I believe you, Jughead."

The trust alone in this scene was so romantic, and then our fave couple heated up the moment even more with a kiss. Another kissing scene? Of course it deserves a high spot on our list.

When Jughead Picked Betty Up And Told Her, "Don't Let Go"
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Aside from all of the flirty scenes we love so much, the support Betty and Jughead have for each other is what proves they're truly in love. When Betty was falling apart from the investigation into her family, Jughead was right there to pick her up.

He told her every dreamy thing you would want to hear from a partner. When he said she's "so much stronger than all of the white noise," our hearts melted, and then he begged her, "Don't let go."

When Betty Revealed The Darkness Inside
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On the surface, Betty and Jughead look like total opposites. He's the tough guy from the other side of town, and she is Miss Perfect. However, if you truly look at them, Jughead is a good guy and Betty has a darkness about her, deep inside. That's why they work so perfectly, and this scene where Betty revealed the darkness to Jughead and he comforted her, showed us all that they complement each other perfectly.

When Jughead Told Betty He Loves Her
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When Jughead confessed his love for Betty, there was no hesitation before she said it right back. Archie and Veronica could learn a thing or two from this couple. When these two finally confessed their love, it had us all happy crying.

This cute moment immediately turned steamy when the two started making out. Too bad the moment was crushed when the Serpents came over to give Jughead a jacket.

When Betty Told Jughead She Supports Him
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In season two, this wonderful couple got split up when Jughead headed to a different school and started chilling with the Southside Serpents. Most other girlfriends might peace out at this point, but Betty's different. She supported Jughead, even if she was afraid of it.

When Betty And Jughead Fell Asleep On The Couch
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This was a short moment, but just look at these two cuddling and try not to smile. They fit perfectly like two little puzzle pieces. The snuggle is real.

When Betty And Jughead Exchanged Christmas Gifts
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Jughead had just broken up with Betty because he didn't want her getting involved with the Serpents. Betty also made it clear that it was her choice to make. It made our hearts break that these two couldn't stop being drama queens and just be together, but you know the love between them is still so alive.