8 Little Things Only Your Mom Does On Your Birthday That Still Make It Magic In Your 20s

It's your birthday, and you can't wait to have a good time. Even if you have all the cake, presents, and party hats you could ever want, there's really only one thing — or shall I say, person — who always knows how to make your birthday the best ever. That person is your mom. She was there at your very first birthday, and there are many reasons celebrating your birthday with your mom in your 20s is literally the best gift ever.

I guess it's part of that mom superpower. She makes everything better just by being there. It looks so effortless, but you know your mom goes above and beyond to make that magic happen. I could be surrounded by a million adorable kittens, while eating my favorite cookie cake and listening to Taylor Swift music, but I wouldn't be truly happy unless my mom was right by my side, too. She's the reason for my existence, and I want her to know how much I love her.

Even if you live long-distance from your mom now that you're in your 20s, she likely finds a way to make your birthday one to remember. With these eight things only a mom could do, you find yourself having the best day ever. Now, blow out your candles and have the happiest birthday filled with tons of mom magic.

She's One Of The First People To Wish You A Happy Birthday
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On your birthday, you expect your phone to be going off all day long with notifications of birthday texts and phone calls. You appreciate every single one, but the one that matters the most comes from your mom.

Even though it doesn't matter when you get it, your mom still makes a point to be one of the first to wish you a happy day. It may be a text right at midnight or a phone call first thing in the morning. It may also be the actual time of day or night when you were born, however many years ago.

She Always Takes Your Birthday Plan Up A Notch

You don't even have to tell her what you want to do this year — mom always knows. It's that superpower she was given the minute she became your mom, but she has some sort of magical ESP or something. She always knows exactly what to say, what plan to go with, and what to get you for a present that will make you the happiest birthday girl in the world.

She's Right There On Social Media With The Sweetest Post
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If your mom is on social media, she will post the sweetest thing for you to read on your special day. It may be her favorite memory of you, or just a shower of compliments that only a mother would say. Whatever it is, that mixed with the cutest pic of the two of you together will have you tearing up faster than any Pixar movie.

She Still Gives You The Best Presents
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As you grow up, you may not get as many wrapped birthday gifts as you did when you were little. Most of the time, it might be your favorite bottle of wine (if you're 21 or up), and your friends all chipping in to pay for your birthday dinner.

You're perfectly content with that, but you can't deny that you're always so happy to receive an actual present from your mom. She's also the best at shopping for you, and knows exactly what you were wishing for.

She Gives You The Cutest Card

Even though she will call, text, and post on social media, your mom still likes to give you a sweet little card for your birthday, too. It might be something totally sappy that makes you tear up, or something hilarious that fits your sense of humor perfectly. Either way, you love it.

She Makes You Feel Like The Center Of The Universe
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Your mom always knows how to make you feel like the center of the universe. Sure, there may be many other people celebrating the same birthday as you, but you've always felt like that day is entirely yours because of your mom. She knows how to perfectly shine that spotlight, so you feel special.

She Gives The Best Birthday Hugs

If you're lucky enough to spend your special day with your mom, you know you're in for the best birthday hug of all time. It's that perfect combination of warm and cuddly.

She Knows What Your Favorite Cake Is, And Makes Sure You Have It Every Year
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Your mom doesn't even have to ask what kind of cake you want, because she already knows. She's been baking you your birthday cake for years, and knows just what will make you smile.

One year, in college, my mom ordered me my favorite cake from back home, and had it shipped to deliver right on my birthday. That truly was the best gift I've ever received.